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Hello , your writings 1112 is so vivid depicting your reality. I want to post it on my bilingual forum ,but i want to ask you permission first. You pulled the curtains showing the shadowed disaster.
Thanks for your dedication to offer humanité to those striken , general people dont realise the gravity of this offensive virus.You have all our support from Rdf .
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Thank you. You have my permission. Send me a link when you’re done. I’d like to see too please
As a matter of fact, I have Beltronics Vector 945, still in the box with all accessories. It's not a 985, but uses the same motherboard and the same capabilities. Please PM me if interested.
RG ...Good to see you posting on the Vortex LEO contact matter.....been years since I noted one. I actualy quoted your good work on the V1 Gen 1 taming details within the last couple days. I was happy the details were still here with the "New Management" - Bruce
I'm just sold my R7 and planning on purchasing a V1G2
I keep reading comments of @variable wave and @variable wave beta
can you direct me to this post or software


ps if you have a V1G2 ddid you purchase savvy or use an app
You might be getting my username crossed with the App. JBV1 is the app on Android.

What you might be reading in some of the threads, my Testing partner KennyC56 talking about my new V1G2 and testing we did with mine and use of JBV1 and other things.

Hopefully that is what you are looking.
Hello. My name is Nick and I work for a car audio shop in Atlanta, GA. That is a great looking installation. I was wondering what you charge for making the custom acrylic covers for your sensors? I just wanted to get a price range for the labor on an install like that. Thanks
Hi, I posted a thread and it was moved to the Firearms section which I use to belong. I guess my membership wasn't transferred over when they changed over to the new board a few months ago. There was a message for me to contact a moderator to correct that problem.

Hi Vortex. Would you have any idea if the Uniden DFR9 is unable to detect Dragoneye? or any other LASER/LIDAR that it can not detect.
I don't know. I don't have a DragonEye on hand to test. If you could do me a favor and keep all questions in the forum itself so that everyone can participate and help answer your questions, that would work much better.
Dave G
Dave G
Roger wilco. Thanks.
Just for the reference we did test it and it does detect dragoneye just fine
So what made you move to Hickory, NC ? Just curious. I moved to RTP after 21 years in NorCal. I got tired of what's going on in CA.
Would you delete the attachments you quoted in the PSL +5, I forgot to cover my email address, thanks