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It's been a while since I hung out here, how would one go about getting a "Corgi Lovers" tag/bar? I'm definitely unofficially in that club already.
So I got a question for everyone here I have the Redline 360c the R7 as well as the R3 now after some debate I'm thinking of getting the V1G2 to go with the TMG set up I'll be putting on my 300s I wanted something that would work together and hoping this will but with my Redline falsing with the 300S and my Jeep and can't keep it quiet no matter what I try I'm hoping with the V1G2 I might get less falses with the BSM
Certainly the V1G2 might run well for the most part if you run in advanced logic (L), and use rear mute X & K for the rarer occasions of the car's signal punching through. Can't really beat its filtering. How's the 360C compared to the R7? Seems like the more attractive of the two outside of price.
I love my Redline 360c it is the more quiet compared to the R7 which I love but couldn't deal with the false with K band if I could shut K Band off on both I would be happy but because the sheriff's run K band I can't so I'm hoping the V1G2 will be a little more quiet if I can costume it on K band to ignore the 2 from my truck and car given I can use JBV1 with it
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