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Oct 26, 2013
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Type Of SSD Important

Since this original post has generated a lot of additional interest from those looking at the possibility of getting a new computer I'll add something else to look for and that is the type of SSD being used by the manufacturer.

The newest generation SSDs are vastly different from the older ones. The old SSDs used a data and power cabled interface (AHCI/SATA III) that was designed for the old HDDs . Although the SSDs were much much faster than the old HDDs that HDD interface/connector was limited to 600MBs.

The newest SSDs use a new interface designed specifically for SSDs (M.2/NVMe) with a 5 fold increase in data transfer capability, up to 3 GBs . The new SSDs don't even look like the old SSDs but rather more like a single memory stick. They plug right into the motherboard with no power or data cables. Those building their own computers will know to look for these but those who buy an assembled computer most likely will not. Interestingly, the price difference between the two has become insignificant. The Dell computer referenced above does come with this newest NVMe SSD.

Below is a short interesting video that explains the new generation SSDs and supports the fact that buying a whole new computer every 5 to 10 years is often better than trying to upgrade the individual components of an older one over time, as interfaces as well as components change.

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