PSA concerning JBV1 from a long time user...


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Aug 13, 2018
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Space Coast, FL
Everyone, both Gen1 and Gen2 users, please don't forget, or take for granted that @johnboy00 first created this app as a hobby, for himself, and many of us have been lucky to use this a few years.

Many of us slowly go to experience the new features over time, and I can't imagine coming into this now and having to set up from scratch. There is a learning curve, but we welcome you.

Your phone has more computing power than a computer before 2000. It just isn't possible to have that computer power inside a RD, so why not use your resources together. The situational awareness you have now, you are one of the lucky ones.

For those that don't yet know the power of having the phone's power just don't know what they don't know. Please don't banter with them. One day they will come to the knowledgeable side and made to a wonder why it took them so long to get here. But it isn't US against them. They just don't know what they don't know, but they share the same passion of this amazing hobby! LEO is the tax collector we want to avoid.

And another thing that's always bothered me... This crazy obsession with range... If you get an instant on two miles out on Ka, you will forget it, trust me! So please turn on the feature that keeps KAs grayed out longer so you don't forget. That feature alone has saved me twice. No other RD can do that!

But full circle, @johnboy00 does this for us, you will NEVER see him asking for money or donations. The donation thread was only created because we asked him to. I know myself and others like @Bloovy One do our best to donate monthly. it was once written that even with all of the donations that JB receives he's working for about a dollar an hour.

Think about for a second? $1 an hour in development for best app on your phone... Are you ok with that? I'm not!

So please donate, once you begin to learn the power of this amazing App you won't be able to drive without it. I have to put my phone in Stand alone mode as a passenger, second nature to me now....

So please, take care of JB. He won't ask for donations... He won't charge for this amazing app, but if you use it, please support your developer.

He should charge for this app, but he doesn't for personal reasons. You'll feel better after you do so, I always Do!

End PSA, this is 100% my personal believes and I'm not affiliated with JB, it's just the right thing to do friends!
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Jan 2, 2014
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Yep, the guy's a gem. No doubt.

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