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Apr 21, 2014
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I recently committed to purchasing a Pro M not because it's the perfect RD, not because I'm necessarily in love with Rai (those eyeeeesss)... but because I really do believe in what Radenso is doing as a company. I decided to support them because of what I have seen and what I believe they intend to do, which is make a product many people will enjoy. Not just enthusiasts, but a wide range of users.

Let's talk about Radenso, as of somewhat recently I guess. They release the Pro M(odulation) with a specific focus on improving BSM filtering and detecting low probability of intercept K band sources. Rather than focus on how far they took this, I just want to briefly highlight on a few things:
  1. They do a targeted/early release with MK1 of the Pro M. At some point they understand that without a hardware change they can't get close to where they want to be.
  2. They pursue another hardware change, adding the sometimes talked about "MR Board".
  3. There was an opportunity for early adopters to transition from the MK1 Pro M to the MKII Pro M, which all users have and purchase.
  4. The MKII Pro M is drastically improved through time and supported; it is not a hump and dump deal.
  5. While they are growing their business they are investing heavily in US R&D, and ultimately developing meaningful change in their eyes.
  6. They are slowly developing educational content, sharing information with the community that has never been seen before on this "mass" level coming directly from a manufacturer. (Think their SDR demonstration which was highlighting BSM signals.)
  7. They are planning for a potential 2020 release with what could be a system that is leveraging very modern techniques and tech.
  8. They appear to value the fundamentals of a RD (good hardware to begin with, sound familiar Woz?) and the RD DRESS code.
Are they perfect? No. Do they make something that makes everyone happy? No. Do they make products that can serve 99% of the population well in reasonable scenarios when it comes to ticket avoidance? I believe so. But the moral of the story is they seem to care about this hobby/business/market while some at least don't, to some degree, based on actions.

Escort: originally backed by Jon's investor, an offer is made they can't refuse, and Cobelscort is slowly stripped of what made it so special. I think the vision of a younger Escort and current Radenso were not that different, but things happen. Anyway, let's just remember a few of many things:
  1. Why does the Redline EX exist when a M7 based modern Redline can? It would honestly be a better offering than the R1/R3. I've heard the M7 does pretty well with MRCD/CT but the videos I could find were limited. The whole size thing is BS, don't fall for it. It's all part of their incremental BS and selling cheaper horn designs at a high price.
  2. What the heck happened to the Max series, it's 2019 and now we're really getting somewhere. Ah shit, not really if you don't ignore the lockup issue. Truly, that is completely unacceptable and no one should settle with this crap. It only shows manufacturers it's OK. It's not.
  3. What happened to a lot of Escort's talent? Do some research, a lot of them left. Why was that?
  4. They still sell M4 based RDs. Not modern derivatives, yep just straight up M4 horn based designs. It's 2019, wat.
  5. Let's face it, we all know Escort is in the incremental "improvement" business.. often times releasing a new model rather than really making the current offerings as solid as something like a V1. They are getting better, but only because they are likely feeling it from consumers.

Let's not forget about Uniden, the brand we fell in love with when we had nothing else to do:
  1. The man who really led the charge once things got moving left the company for Radenso lol... need I say more?
  2. They have a shaky history of coming and going, and have entered into a legal battle. Stable? You be the judge.
  3. They may have actually used IP from Cobelscort they didn't have a right to. As much as I wish Cobelscort would burn since it really is nothing that it once was, its better to kill your opponent playing fair. I'm not sure that they attempted to, but we may find out once the dust settles.
  4. They cannot stay consistent with how they want to interact with the community and our valued beta testers. Are they committed are they not? Actions speak louder than words.
Oh the big leathe.. *cough* daddy of them all... Valentine Research. I'll let this mostly play out with whatever they end up doing, if we don't enter purgatory with the V1 coming back to sale. BUT, I want to say a few comments for thought:
  1. Is the best way to operate in a manner that is extremely mysterious, potentially allowing misinformation to flourish even directly from your company? Probably not, and depending on what the outcome is when the V1 comes back into sale-land will be everything. The same V1 coming back into sale after all of this is not acceptable. One, the competition is leaving the V1 behind and at that point you cannot deny this, regardless of how good the patents are. If they don't get implemented, well sometimes you miss your timing. Customers do care, we are getting smarter and more capable (maybe?), and the internet is a thing.... adapt or retire. The V1 propaganda machine cannot control the information through magazine ads and info on their website alone. Not when the competition is starting to eat their breakfast, lunch, and dinner lol. Doesn't help when you can't sell your only RD.
  2. Or one more for the sake of fun. I periodically tell VR about MRCT and that it is indeed a threat, and that multiple similar threats are approved for use via the FCC. What's their response? "Isn't it just stationary, you can remember where they are at. Also, if it does exist our engineers are aware of it." Thhhhhhannnkks VR. I'll go pound sand how's that sound VR? Do you like when I do that VR? These threats have been active since 2014 in the US and making the V1 look like a joke against these legitimate radar sources. That doesn't sound like the Mike V we know... I thought the V1 never/can't miss a threat based on principle alone? Yas. He might lose the battle for a bit like he did with POP when it came out, but not years. That's war timelines.
  3. Things don't have to move as slow as they do, yes I understand the USPTO can be limiting. But don't think that what Mike is doing is the only way. Let's see how others handle similar things for future reference.
The point of this post is to say we have power in this community to raise awareness and ultimately tell the shitty manufacturers to **** off with our wallets. So please for the love of FMCW K threats don't automatically buy a Radenso, but please consider the whole picture. Who do you want to support and why? What's important to you? Having arrows now or an interface with your phone? Maybe, but if you're in the market I really challenge anyone reading this who cares about the community to look beyond the testing results before you make a purchase. Secret secret, despite us going over the extremes with testing.. any Vortex recommended RD will serve you very well.

If we don't start supporting the manufacturers that appear to care about his market/hobby we're only shitting where we eat at the end of the day. It's for you to decide what works best for your needs, but I guess I just hope that everyone would consider the company itself as well when going forward with a purchase. I'm personally tired of the BS, the 1990's tech being kept on life support barely fighting the K noise of today. We don't have to settle for this, so don't!
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