Just bought a Kustom Signals Golden Eagle! I have a few questions

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May 25, 2018
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Alright let me see if I can offer any help:

Don’t worry about the license. It’s a lot of money and even if you have the money to throw at it you’re almost certainly not going to get the license anyways, they’re picky about who they even let give them money to start an application. Say you spend this money, get the license, you’re missing the much more apparent danger, you’re playing with retired cop gear. What I’m getting at is It’s a lot like carrying handcuffs around - regardless of your intentions or reasoning if you get caught it will probably raise some questions. So have fun learning and running your radar but don’t go park down alleyways at midnight or pointing it at people on the highway or chasing people down for speeding. And for the record, its not illegal to own (unless it’s a hot gun). Just do yourself a favor and try to make it as discrete as reasonably possible.

All that being said you also have the element of surprise. Come on, nobody expects some random driver to be running radar so even if you are seen by anyone they’re not going to think anything of it especially because 1) it’s not a LIDAR gun that looks like a pedophile camera and 2) it’s a dash unit not an actual gun looking unit.

Just so you know I’ve got some skin in this game I’ve bought several radar guns and I’m not going to let that money collect dust so I take my toys and play with them all the time. I even went so far as to install a front and rear antenna setup for a little while and got some rolling experience. It’s a game changer for your countermeasure knowledge. Just remember that you won’t have countermeasures if you’re running radar rolling.

As for changing the frequency. It’s probably more of a headache than it’s worth. Some who may very well be right say it’s bad for the antenna. Say it’s totally fine for the antenna, forcing a Kustom 35.5 antenna to be 34.7 is certainly not going to be the same as a natural 34.7 Stalker antenna. There are more differences in manufacturers than just using a new frequency and here’s why. The lower the frequency, ceteris paribus, you will be able to pick it up at a longer range because the signal travels better. That’s why K band is easier than Ka if there’s no filters in the way (and why HF radios outrange UHF radios). So then why is 33.8 so much harder than 34.7? Maybe I’m crazy and wrong but it’s definitely something I’m going to at least think about testing (34.7 vs 34.7 tuned 35.5.) i rest my case: you’re introducing more variables in what is supposed to be a scientific test (which is bad for sciencey reasons) and just to fix that you have to show that a 35.5 antenna tuned to a 34.7 will actually behave like a Stalker and not a Kustom that spits different numbers and then you still have to get people to accept it, good luck.

On a lighter note, I have two KGEs and then some so if you need any help figuring anything out or some basic maintenance help like replacing the controller buttons or splicing wires together don’t be afraid to check out any of my threads on it in intermediate or shoot me a PM and I’ll help where I can. In my experience it’s something you have to learn then it all makes sense, just like radar detectors. But If I can’t help I can probably find someone who can.

Good luck on this next step in your adventure. Owning guns and gear just about solidifies your nerd status but you’ll find it’s worth it.


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Jan 4, 2020
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So I hear broadcasting KA band is illegal and regulated by the FCC in the States....
Does anyone know if ordinary plebs are allowed to use KA in Canada?

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