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JBV1 can be found on the Google Store: JBV1 - Apps on Google Play. The store contains a current description of the application.

Minimum Android Version is 5.0

This information is based on scraping the text from @johnboy00's release notes.

The purpose of this posting is to consolidate the text from @johnboy00's release notes into one location. Comments on individual releases should be made on those release note threads. Comments not pertinent to this change log may be removed.

Help & Interactive Demo: For people looking for a manual, download the app (it's free!!!). When you open the app, hit the options button. There is a Help page that highlights the data on the main screen. Also, under the options button, there is a Demo. Run the demo. Press areas of the screen and see what happens.

All in all, it's an amazing app. If you appreciate @johnboy00's effort, you can donate via this link/thread: www.rdforum.org: Donate
Donate Now!
(subliminal message)

JBV1 currently runs on the Android Platform (including Android Auto). Some iPhone Users tether their hotspot to a cheap Android phone to get the functionality or
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For the impatient, here's a list of threads containing Videos/Screenshots (reverse chronological order - newest first) that will give you taste of the impressive application known as JBV1. NOTE: As JBV1 has evolved, some features/displays/options may not be reflected in older videos and screenshots.
08/14/2019 1.7.3 released
  • Option to background self after connection
  • Auto lockout learn not triggered under Silent Ride setting, to avoid learning unfiltered BSM from nearby vehicles
  • Landscape layout bug fixes
  • 14 August 2019 camera database

08/11/2019 1.7.2 released
  • Auto theme settings revised for clarity, including option to display the ambient light sensor value and associated crossover point below the main speedometer
  • Separate settings for all components controlled by device ambient light sensor (auto theme, sensor dark)
  • Sensor Dark option deactivates when proximity sensor indicates device display is covered (e.g. in a pocket or closed case)
  • Speed limit sign: auto theme-able, tap to toggle white/orange, long press to toggle USA/Euro
  • Options to include current speed limit in V1 alert announcements
  • Option for device battery percentage on alert screen
  • Elevation on alert screen + option (general settings) to correct GPS elevation (height above reference ellipsoid) to orthometric elevation (height above mean sea level, default = enabled)
  • Alert screen layout improvements
  • Tap profile override map to test inside/outside polygon(s)
  • 7 Aug 2019 camera database
  • Bug fixes

08/05/2019 1.7.1 released
  • V1 mode auto start triggers for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections
  • Alert log column sorting
  • Alert map visualizations for active lockouts
  • Manual/learning lockout placements deferred until alert being locked out or learned is inactive, enabling improved placement algorithm, with auto radius selection (150 m, 200 m, 250 m)
  • Option to automatically split the screen before launching VVaze into other half (Android 7+)
  • Option to lock the screen on app exit after "normal" data timeout, such as when parked and equipment powered off (Android 9+)
  • Option to have alert map motion smoothing auto disabled when device not charging, to conserve battery
  • Reverse orientation change will auto change V1 display mode to off (reverse enabled) or on (reverse disabled)
  • UI tweaks
  • 31 July 2019 camera database
08/05/2019 1.7.0 released
Gone in a flash. RIP.​
07/18/2019 1.6.2 released
  • Option for RLC alert max speed (no alert above speed setting)
  • Option to auto start/stop offline mode on Wi-Fi connection (specific SSID or any)
  • 17 July 2019 camera database
  • Bug fixes

07/11/2019 1.6.1 released
  • Band-specific hold times
  • Inset weather map relocated to top left corner of screen
  • Reverse option for overlay auto theming
  • Persistent alert map option removed (now always true when alert map enabled; minimizes map memory leaks and map activations that count against the app)
  • CSA range is now a precise range instead of a minimum range
  • CSA announcement (when terse disabled) now includes number of thumbs up (or "unconfirmed" when thumbs up = 0) and general direction (ahead or behind)
  • CSA min speed option removed (mostly redundant with silent ride)
  • When HD alert table enabled, PAWS air speed ("xxx kts") replaced with air speed in knots and vertical speed in feet per minute ("xxx/yyy")
  • Bug fixes
  • 10 July 2019 camera database

In case you missed it, see the 1.6.0 release notes for how to unlock Offline Mode (Run without a V1).

07/07/2019 1.6.0 released

  • Changed PAWS source names from Primary/Secondary to A/B
  • Added PAWS source selection A+B
  • Added max aircraft speed filter for PAWS
  • Added alert table display options for non-V1 alerts
  • Added PAWS control (enabled/disabled) to APO
  • Added CSA log export (Alert Log > ... menu)
  • Added Offline Mode to run without a V1
  • Bug fixes

Alert table display options for non-V1 alerts:
For Marks, CSA alerts, and PAWS alerts, you can disable them from appearing in the alert screen alert table, without affecting whether or not they're announced, shown in the overlay, or mapped (all of which are controlled by separate options).

Offline Mode:
This is locked by default, to limit usage among the general public. To get to the unlock option, go to Settings > Connection, scroll to bottom, tap "V1 Info" five times, tap Advanced. Once unlocked, there will be an "Offline Mode" option in the main menu on the splash screen. You can also select a BT device that you want to use to auto start/stop JBV1 in offline mode. If your phone connects to a specific device in your car every time you drive, that would be a good device to select. Otherwise, you can start/stop manually. You probably shouldn't enable this option if you use JBV1 with a V1 and the V1C auto start option enabled.

07/03/2019 1.5.15 released
  • Added option to adjust V1 data timeout
  • Added option for bogey lock tone on new signal muted only by K muting
  • Added option to disable A2DP state indicators
  • Fixed Silent Ride options muting indefinitely if device never gets a GPS fix
  • Updated camera database (3 July 2019)

06/29/2019 1.5.14 released
  • Added CSA police report logging and heat maps
  • Added quieter volume level selections for bogey lock tone and auto mute
  • Added V1 legacy mode check and report (legacy mode not supported by JBV1)
  • Added A2DP connected/playing indicators on top of speaker icon
  • Updated camera database (26 June 2019)
  • Bug fixes

Please note that, when enabled (the default), ALL CSA police reports in your vicinity are logged, even if you're not alerted to them (not ahead, not on the same road as you, whatever). I'll probably be tweaking the heat map representations of this data (blue) as I build up logged reports myself.

When your device is BT connected to another device for media audio, you will see either a STOP symbol ( ▢ ) indicating audio is not streaming or a PLAY symbol ( ▷ ) indicating audio is streaming, on top of the speaker icon. I intended to make this optional but forgot. Will fix in next regular update.

06/22/2019 1.5.13 released
  • Volume controls for bogey lock tone and time mute, by band
  • Whitelisted filter option for alert log
  • Heat maps exclude box-muted and BSM-muted hits
  • Google Maps Traffic option moved to alert map overlays preference screen, renamed to Real-Time Traffic
  • Long press alert map map type icon toggles real-time traffic overlay
  • Fixed not able to fully mute an alert that is auto muted to >0% volume
  • Updated camera location database (19 June 2019)

06/18/2019 1.5.12 released
  • Added option to show distances on alert log alert markers
  • Added option to control CSA update interval

06/17/2019 1.5.11 released
  • Added additional sensitivity levels to Auto Theme setting
  • Added band-specific Announcement Type and Announce Box settings
  • Fixed frequency announced twice with some settings combinations
  • Updated camera database (12 June 2019)

06/08/2019 1.5.10 released
  • GM BSM filter (a) range extended to 24.093 for coverage of some Buicks
  • Alert map option to show live traffic info
  • ICAO filter for PAWS
  • Resolved an issue with the secondary PAWS data source
  • 5 June 2019 camera database update

05/02/2019 1.5.9 released
  • Fixed lockouts unlearning too quickly, introduced in 1.5.7
  • Alert log alert detail uses green text to indicate V1 muted when hit was logged (note: sometimes the first hit of a muted alert is not shown in green text because the alert data was received and processed before the mute state change)

05/01/2019 1.5.8 released
  • Disabled CSA alert types no longer placed on alert map
  • Fixed notification not removed on app exit from splash screen when auto start disabled
  • Fixed display issue with locked-out laser alert when priority alert display enabled
  • 1 May 2019 camera database update
04/28/2019 1.5.7 released
  1. Alert map CSA markers updated from blue to red when confirmed (thumbs up > 0)
  2. Supported non-police CSA alerts will be shown on alert map even if you haven't enabled alerts for them (they just won't trigger any kind of actual alert)
  3. Added animation to movements of current location and distance circles
  4. New "Darker" map theme for dark mode alert map (my new favorite)
  5. Option to overlay weather radar image on the alert map
  6. Option for inset weather radar map (meh), long press weather radar to switch between full screen and inset
  7. Auto theme control much improved, requires 10 seconds of continuous light change above/below threshold before switching
  8. Alert map auto theme control re-enabled
  9. Alert map light mode option to control which map type is shown in light mode (normal light, sat, terrain, hybrid)
  10. Option to mask the priority alert display background for improved contrast (helps when background not dark)
  11. Fixed non-secure keyguard not always being dismissed on auto start with wake display enabled
  12. Fixed speedometer location malfunction
  13. Alert map "switch" icon replaced by "zoom -" (zoom out) button, long press for auto zoom out to long-range overview (useful for seeing weather radar)
  14. Long press the "hide" alert map icon to switch between full screen and inset maps
  15. Low memory detection with auto feature shutdown when critically low (mostly for older and budget devices)
04/17/2019 1.5.6 released

  • ADDED alert map option for full-screen map
  • ADDED alert map option for auto show/hide of persistent map
  • ADDED overlay action to clear existing alerts from the overlay (all alert types, only new ones after last cleared will appear in overlay)
  • ADDED overlay options to filter out BSM- and box-muted alerts
  • MOVED overlay options for CSA, Marks, and PAWS to Display > Overlay settings screen (so overlay configuration is all in one place)
  • MOVED alert map options for CSA, Marks, and PAWS to Display > Alert Map settings screen (so alert map configuration is all in one place)
  • DISABLED auto theme control of alert map while I work on improved light background support for alert screen
  • UPDATED to 17 April 2019 camera database
  • FIXED mark alerts not appearing in overlay
  • Other bug fixes

There are new icons for alert map actions. Not that they need much explanation, but please familiarize yourselves with them before driving.

Map Type
(Light, Dark, Satellite,
Terrain, Hybrid [Sat + road map])
Throwing some arbitrary text in here to push the icons over as close as possible to the description
Map Size (full screen, inset)
Map Hide
Map Show (floating)

04/12/2019 1.5.5 released
  • Alert log map markers use less transparent theme when map theme is light
  • Alert log heat map controls by band
  • Fixed auto start issue with non-Le dongles
04/10/2019 1.5.4 released
  • Alert log map reworked to include alert heat maps, marker clustering, and new marker themes
  • GM BSM filter logic improved, including a "Sticky" option
  • PAWS toggle added to quick settings dialog
  • Long press CSA toggle for submenu where SRO and a few other CSA settings may be toggled (will likely be creating similar submenus for other toggles)
  • Support for object on road alerts.
  • Fixed auto start not working for some combinations of settings.
  • Fixed false euro mode warning
  • Fixed K-muted alerts not double muted when only silent ride mute applies
  • Fixed several mark alerting issues
  • 10 April 2019 camera database update
Alert Log Map

One thing that isn't obvious is a change to the "HITS" button on the lockout info dialog that pops up when you tap a lockout marker. On first tap, it will drop markers for the most recent 250 hits in that lockout. A second tap will show the last 500 hits as a pop-up table.

The Alert Log Map settings screen has a number of new options. Some of them are designed to control how much data is loaded into the map, mainly for older and/or less expensive devices that have much less memory and slower GPUs than modern flagship devices. When data sampling is enabled, the data used to create markers for "other alerts" can change as you pan and zoom the map, because the random sampling of hits inside the current map bounds doesn't return the same hits every time. Just an FYI.

03/31/2019 1.5.3 released
  • ADDED options for additional CSA alert types
  • ADDED option to use newer Fused Location Provider Client (general settings), which may improve performance and battery life when running JBV1 with a navigation app
  • ADDED tap GPS icon for current location provider report, long press GPS icon to switch provider
  • ADDED options to control mark enabled and announced by type of mark
  • ADDED option for dongle-specific settings (settings export/import) and auto start control (connection settings) (see below for further info)
  • ADDED option for LE RSSI monitor (connection settings)
  • ADDED option for alert screen alert map type (normal, satellite, terrain, hybrid) (display settings) (can cycle through types from the map)
  • ADDED 15-second delay to alert screen alert map auto positioning when user interacts with map, so can pan around and zoom in/out more easily
  • ADDED options for immediate Time mute (auto mute control settings)
  • ADDED option for custom TMG alert sound
  • ADDED option for re-mute delay (dev options), to throttle V1 un-mute/re-mute cycles during alerts
  • ADDED title bar tap listeners to alert log report screens, scrolls to top of report
  • ADDED warning when running Euro mode with no custom sweeps
  • ADDED option for Oreo+ service-less BLE scan (connection settings, auto start)
  • IMPROVED auto start performance when device display is off
  • FIXED reverse orientation logged as not reversed
  • FIXED overlay doesn't show user text for other and other2 mark types
  • FIXED box-muted alpha and punch through options disabled when mute OTB disabled
Dongle-Specific Settings:

When enabled, and JBV1 connects to a dongle, it will look for a settings file named the same as the dongle you're connected to. If it finds one, it loads it. If it doesn't, it creates it with your current settings. Any changes made while connected to the dongle will be auto saved to the dongle file when you disconnect. For offline editing of dongle-specific settings, you should first import the file for the dongle you want to change, make your changes, and then export to the same dongle file. I use this feature to have different audio settings in my car vs my wife's car (they each have their own dongle).

Dongle Auto Start:

Beginning with this release, dongles you've connected to will be listed in Connection settings > Dongles. When the main Auto Start option is enabled, JBV1 will look for dongles that have auto start enabled specifically for them. If no dongles are found (e.g. first time running this release), or none of the dongles are enabled for auto start, JBV1 will auto start on any dongle it finds. If one or more dongles are enabled for auto start, JBV1 will auto start only on those dongles.

03/20/2019 1.5.2 released
Alert Log Map:
  • ADDED Alert Marker Separation option (default = Auto) (minimum separation ignored on orientation change)
  • ADDED Alert Markers Show Frequency option (default = Disabled)
  • REMOVED Auto Zoom option (behavior is now always true)
  • REMOVED Left-to-Right option (behavior is now always true, but on diagonal)
  • ADDED green arrow to indicate first hit and heading
  • ADDED Auto selection to Data Source option, tracks request errors and latency, auto switches on thresholds
  • FIXED crash when alert MAP button tapped and flight track request failed
03/17/19 1.5.1 released
  • Alert Log button on splash screen
  • Marks > Same Road Only option
  • Lockouts > Advanced > Conflict Resolution : Similarity option
  • Connection > Restart When Killed option (enabled by default)
  • Clustered lockout map markers rotated for improved visibility
  • Fixed laser alerts not displaying properly when Priority Alert Display is disabled
  • 3/13/2019 camera database update
03/13/2019 1.5.0 released
  • Alert Map option for User Marks (shows RLC, etc., on a map as you approach)
  • Improved alert screen alert map auto zooming
  • Improved alert log load times (dramatic with large amounts of data)
  • Can now sign out of Google account and choose different account for backup and restore
  • New Redline O alert sound option for Ka band (thanks to @Brainstorm69 for the audio sample)
  • App alert sounds duck during announcements
  • K Mute Cancel option (app only) (Audio > K Band Options > K Mute Cancel)
  • Separate alert screen dimmer setting for really dark environment
  • GM (some) and Honda/Acura/Pacifica BSM filters (mute code M) (Auto Mute Control > K Band Options > BSM Filters)
  • Reduced V1 alert latency, especially for laser
  • Added "Ignore All" button to CSA tap dialog
  • Fixed laser front+rear alert shown as front only
  • Fixed landscape position settings for overlay not working on some devices
  • Other improvements and fixes
03/03/2019 1.4.7 released
  • Ka Un-Mute Priority option
  • V1 Arrow Theme option (ORIENTATION [default, previous behavior], BAND)
  • Signal Graph Auto Scaling options
  • Frequency added to signal graph as blue line
  • Connected Notification option
  • Internet Check option changed to Internet Monitor (monitors when using data features)
  • 2/27/2019 camera database update
Ka Un-Mute Priority option, when enabled, will keep V1 un-muted whenever an un-muted Ka signal is present, even when a stronger, priority K signal is present and is being locked out or otherwise muted (except K muted). This means you would hear V1 audibly alerting to a stronger K signal after the K mute timer expires. Please note that V1's native K mute cannot be canceled early by an app.

When BAND is selected on the new V1 Arrow Theme option, V1 signal arrows will be colored according to band:

Red - Laser, Ka
Orange - K
Green - X, Ku

02/21/2019 1.4.6 released
Bug Fix release

02/20/2019 1.4.5 released
Bug Fix release
  • fixed a little issue with manual lockouts when conflict resolution is set to strength (the default) where, if you manually lock out signal A, and a stronger signal B is also present at a very nearby frequency (within your tolerance setting), signal B may bump signal A out of its new lockout, resulting in a another lockout being created for signal A. This doesn't affect auto lockouts.
  • a tweak to hopefully address anyone having issues with overlay responsiveness
02/20/2019 1.4.4 released
  • Overlay option to use portrait position settings for landscape (enabled by default), which was the previous behavior before 1.4.3
  • Separate options for whitelist frequency tolerance and radius (advanced lockout settings), so whitelists can be much larger than lockouts
  • Improved profile matching behavior, will match to profiles that differ only by default V1 mode
  • Improved profile pushing behavior such that only changes from Euro mode to Advance Logic mode require a deferred mode change
  • Miscellaneous other improvements and fixes
Three releases in three days, ugh. I need a vacation! I'm hoping some tweaks in this update will improve overlay response time on some devices having issues with that. When testing it, please don't judge by immediately tapping on the overlay as soon as the app is first backgrounded. That's often a little sluggish (a second or two on my phones), and has been since overlay day 1, for reasons I haven't figured out yet. Give it at least a few seconds or so after first backgrounding the app.

02/19/19 1.4.3 released
  • Separate portrait and landscape positioning options for overlay (thanks @BlueV1 for the suggestion)
  • Fixed bug when disconnected while running in the background (thanks @novarider for the report)
02/18/19 1.4.2 released
  • Auto source drift compensation for lockouts
  • CSA Region option
  • Priority Alert Display frequency color option
  • Separate initial volume settings for demo mode
  • Basic lockout punch through option removed
  • 2019-02-13 camera database update
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements
  • Added setting for Screen Flash Duration
The CSA Region options include USA/Canada (default) and Everywhere Else. I was gonna add an Auto option, but if that determination failed for whatever reason, you'd still have to set it manually, so I just saved myself some work and made it manual only.

There's also some additional alert information being logged that you guys can help me sample (I didn't want to have the app send it automatically, because of privacy concerns). After you update to this version, and then after a few confirmed LEO encounters, go to Developer Options and set the Alert Log Extra setting to Ramp. This will show front and rear signal ramp data overlaid onto the signal strength meter in the alert log where individual alert hits are displayed. If you could post a screenshot or three, including the particulars of your encounter (LEO moving or stationary, CO or IO, straight highway or curvy), that would be very helpful. Thanks!

I also changed the notifications such that there will be one only under these conditions:
  1. App is running in background
  2. App is not running but is waiting for a dongle (auto start is enabled)
  3. Connection to dongle was lost
02/09/19 1.4.1 released
  • Auto light/dark theme options for alert table and overlay (Settings > Display > Auto Theme Settings)
  • Band mutes for Laser, K band, and X band (swipe left/right on V1 settings at bottom of alert screen)
  • Option to disable band-specific frequency background colors in alert table and overlay (Settings > Display > Alert Table Settings > Frequency Background Color Coded)
  • Option for larger signal strength meter in frequency background of alert table and overlay (dark-themed HD alert table only; Settings > Display > Alert Table Settings > Frequency Background SS Meter)
  • Added 0% alert sound volume options, for BT audio pause/duck during alerts with no app alert sounds
  • Overlay speedometer, when enabled, remains in overlay during alerts
Band mute is for when you want all alerts in a particular band to be seen but not heard (wife mode). These mutes don't persist on app restarts, but I could be convinced to change that. By default, swipe left or right on the V1 settings area at the bottom of the alert screen to display the control dialog.
(See example in release thread: 1.4.1 released)

01/30/19 1.4.0 released
  • Conflict Resolution setting (Disabled, Frequency, Strength [default])
  • Statistical Analysis setting (Disabled [default], Safer, Standard, Quieter)
  • Learn/Unlearn Interval settings separated
  • Option to reverse V1 signal orientation for backwards installations
  • Option to show speedometer instead of bogey counter in always-on overlay
  • New Escort-ish Ka-band alert sound option
  • 1/30/2019 camera database update
Lockouts, Conflict Resolution:

FREQUENCY - Lockouts may apply to only one signal at a time. The signal whose average frequency is closest to the lockout center wins. Ties broken by strength (weakest wins), and then time (first wins). Remaining signals not matched to some other AVAILABLE lockout will not be locked out.

STRENGTH - Lockouts may apply to only one signal at a time. The weakest signal wins. Ties broken by difference between average frequency and lockout center (closest wins), and then time (first wins). Remaining signals not matched to some other AVAILABLE lockout will not be locked out.

DISABLED - Lockouts may apply to multiple signals at the same time.

With the frequency or strength setting, if you drive through some locations where multiple signals are really close to each other in frequency and using the same lockout, I strongly recommend letting the app do its auto lockout thing to take care of the extra signal(s) instead of manually locking them out.

Lockouts, Statistical Analysis:

This is a punch-through algorithm that uses alert log data. See setting description for more info.

12/22/18 www.rdforum.org: 1.3.0 released
  • Removed Priority Conflict Mutes V1 option, behavior is now always false
  • Removed K band Double Mute option, behavior is now always true
  • New Ka alert sound option, Only on Band Conflict
  • 12/19 camera database update
  • Bug fixes
This release contains improvements mainly for users who prefer to hear and mute alerts from V1 or attached peripherals.

If V1 is alerting to a stronger K-band signal that shouldn't be muted by any rule (locked out, box muted, etc.), JBV1 will no longer mute V1 because it thinks a weaker Ka-band signal should have priority (this is what the old priority conflict mute option was for). I can't make V1 audibly alert to a signal of my choosing, so there's a new option for Ka alert sounds called Only on Band Conflict. When enabled, JBV1 will audibly alert to a Ka signal only when JBV1 thinks that should be the priority alert and V1 is audibly alerting to some other, presumably stronger, non-Ka-band signal. If you want V1 making all (most) of the alert sounds and you want to use this new feature, you should enable the alert sounds master switch, disable the band-specific alert sounds for all bands except Ka, and enable the Only on Band Conflict option below the Ka band Alert Sound option.

When you press a hard mute button (V1 knob, concealed display, remote button), JBV1 will un-mute V1 only on a new alert that shouldn't be muted by any rule. JBV1 will not un-mute V1 because of changes to alert priority among the alerts that existed when V1 was muted. I'm considering options to control this un-mute behavior by band and strength (e.g. un-mute on new K alert only if initial strength > 3), so let me know what your thoughts are on that.

12/12/18 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.13 released
  • Support for latest TMG a-15 firmware
  • Removed "Show distances in mi/km" option to avoid confusion with English/Metric option
  • All distances now shown in miles (English) or kilometers (Metric), including in the alert log
  • Fixed crash in multi-window mode when user marks icon tapped
12/06/18 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.12 released
  • JBV1 now includes location data for thousands of red light cameras and speed cameras in the USA and Canada! To activate this data, visit Settings > Marks and enable the Auto Update RLC Data and/or Auto Update SC Data options. Also, be sure that the Imported RLC Enabled and/or Imported SC Enabled options are enabled.
  • Option to disable announcements of RLC, SC, et al, marks.
  • Bug fixes
I'm now partnering with POI-Factory.com to provide RLC and SC location data in the USA and Canada. This data is updated weekly by POI-Factory.com, and every future JBV1 update will include the very latest data. I plan to update JBV1 at least twice a month to keep this location data as up to date as possible. You can stop these auto updates by disabling the Auto Update options. At this time, you can delete a particular RLC or SC, but it will return on the next data update if it's still in the new data. I will fix this as soon as I can (probably not before Christmas). Early next year, we plan to enhance the experience with directional alerts and optional automated feedback of camera approach telemetry (to support directional alerting). I also plan to switch to online location data updates next year. If you're interested in using this data, please help the POI-Factory.com community by reporting changes here:

www.poi-factory.com: Report Enforcement Camera Locations | POI Factory

11/28/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.11 released
  • Option to double mute K-muted alerts that will be auto muted when the K mute timer expires, which eliminates brief audible alerts from V1 prior to an auto mute being applied.
  • Fixed crash when tapping Box Mutes button with no enabled and defined boxes.
  • Miscellaneous improvements and fixes.
  • (Holiday Theme Icon)
11/14/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.10 released
* TMG: Optional app-based auto kill in auto sleep mode
* Fixed a crash in box mute toggles
* Fixed icon elevation issue in landscape layout

11/12/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.9 released
* New V1 alert announcement option: Announcement Type (band, frequency, band+frequency)
* New V1 alert announcement option: Announce Box (instead of, before, after)
* CSA SRO improvements

You will most likely want to revisit your audio announcement options. Sorry for the inconvenience, but I needed to make the frequency announcement options less confusing.

11/07/208 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.8 released
* Settings export/import
* CSA Same Road Only (SRO) option now requires Reverse Geocoding to be enabled by the user
* CSA+SRO tweaks
* PAWS and CSA lag time (how old the "current" data is, in seconds) shown on standard portrait alert screen beneath their respective status indicators

11/03/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.7 released
* Fixes an issue with connections to TMG a-15 where a connection thread was remaining alive after app exit. Reboot your phone immediately before or after updating to be sure that any such thread is gone.

11/02/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.6 released
TMG enhancements:
* Overlay "K" and "X" colors match arrow colors
* Overlay alert timer shows JTK time like a lap time (see video)
* Alert log shows JTK time and mode for each logged hit (Killed, Auto sleep, Test, Receive only, in M column; see video)
* Option for JTG in Test mode
* Option to mute TMG CPU after connecting
* Options for connection announcements
* Multiple TMG device pairings supported
* Speed-based Auto Defense Mode (NOT FULLY TESTED)

You guys will be guinea pigs for the new Auto Defense Mode, which switches into and out of receive only mode based on your speed. I still don't have an installed system to fully test it myself. Watch it carefully and let me know if it's not working as expected. How it should work:

There's a 6 mph (or km/h) spread (+/- 3) on when receive only mode (RCV) will engage and when your selected defense mode will engage. This is to prevent modes changing constantly if you happen to be driving right around the speed you selected. So if you selected 30 (mph) and a defense mode of AUTO SLEEP, JBV1 should engage RCV ONLY mode as you start driving, and it will engage AUTO SLEEP mode when you reach 33 mph. It will stay in that mode until you slow to 27 mph, at which point it will engage RCV ONLY mode. It will stay in RCV ONLY mode until you reach 33 mph again. Important: If you manually change the defense mode while Auto Defense Mode is enabled, JBV1 will change it back to what it should be based on your Auto Defense Mode settings. That's how it's supposed to work.

An auto JTK demo showing overlay and alert log changes...(see video in thread)

10/26/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.5 released
* Options for no rear/side/time mutes of white-listed signals
* Option to view application logcat and send it to developer (use only when directed, please)
* When speed limit units differ from selected application units, speed limits are corrected to application units
* Support for latest TMG a-15 firmware
* Alert screen and overlay icons for TMG now show red for RCV ONLY mode to indicate no protection
* Bug fixes

New TMG f/w support includes mute on/off. Unfortunately, it's not possible to read the current mute state of the TMG a-15, so if you connect to it with TMG already muted, JBV1 will show it as not muted and you'll have to toggle it twice to unmute. I decided this was better than always unmuting it after connecting. If you power off the TMG in a muted state, it will be unmuted on next restart.

10/20/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.4 released
* Removed swipe down for TMG control panel
* TMG live icon added to alert screen and overlay (tap alert screen icon for control panel)
* Long press TMG alert screen icon to switch to next mode in this sequence: Receive Only, Test, Auto
* TMG control panel shows selected mode name, with current auto kill (Test) and/or sleep time (Test+Auto) settings

10/18/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.3 released
* TMG custom auto sleep time option
* TMG overlay displayed when app running in foreground
* TMG bug fixes
The "custom auto sleep time" works by toggling the CPU out of auto sleep mode and then back to auto sleep mode.
In test mode, the overlay now shows a big "K" as soon as kill begins, then a big "X" when the kill has succeeded (CPU in receive only mode). In receive only mode, the overlay will show a big "X" immediately, to indicate no protection.

10/17/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.2 released
* TMG A-15 support!
* Improved CSA Same Road Only algorithm (I think so, let me know)
* Bug fixes

TMG A-15 support notes:
  • I just got the BT command data for volume up/down about 2 hours ago, so I was scrambling to revise the controls layout, add the commands, and test. The volume buttons are small for now, but I will improve the layout soon. As with the hard buttons, you have to wait after a button press for the voice report to finish before another button press will work.
  • From the alert screen, swipe down on an empty space in the background to pull up the TMG control panel. You can adjust volume and toggle the RCV and SLP buttons.
  • When JBV1 is in the background, a TMG alert will result in a full-screen overlay in red (front alert) or yellow (rear alert). You won't be able to touch anything behind the overlay while it's onscreen, so you'll have to wait for the alert to clear.
  • If running in TEST mode (SLP button lit), you have the options of custom auto kill and sleep times. You may also tap the alert overlay anywhere for JTK before auto kill occurs. When the kill commands start (it can take more than one), the background arrow will be replaced by a big X. After an alert has cleared, the CPU will be automatically reset to TEST mode after your selected sleep time, unless you press one of the buttons during the sleep time (which cancels the reset back to TEST mode).
  • Gun type is listed in the alert log when you drill down to a specific alert to see all its hits. If you see no gun type, then it was a V1 laser alert.
10/13/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.1 released
* New Ka-band alert sound
* Band-specific bogey lock tones when alert sounds disabled (dee-dee-brap, dee-dee-brap-brap, dee-dee-snort, etc.)
* Bogey lock tones and alert sounds will play when enabled in settings
* Configurable V1 settings display tap, double tap, and long press actions
* V1 Quick Change toggles instantly change V1 settings without profile push
* Options for priority alert display of auto-muted alerts (the master setting is inverse of old setting)
* Alert Recall (swipe left/right on empty area of alert screen)
* Two more K-band boxes (five total)
* Wake display option won't wake display when app auto starts with device in pocket
* New "JBV1" night style for maps
* New CSA alert map icons: Blue = unconfirmed, Red = confirmed
* CSA alert highlighting: Blue = unconfirmed, Red = confirmed
* Settings and other supporting activity screens re-themed to be more like alert screen theme.
* Many Display settings regrouped into child screens
* Marks now appear in overlay

On the new auto-muted alert priority options (box, rear, side, time), if any disabled option matches an alert, that alert will not show in the priority display, even if an enabled option also matches that alert.

10/05/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.2.0 released
* Options for overlay double tap and long press actions
* Options for mute (large speaker) icon double tap and long press actions
* Option to disable connection recovery while moving
* Overlay bogey counter color updated same as alert screen bogey counter
* New pop-up alert screen alert map replaces full-screen (background) and inset maps
* Aircraft detected by PAWS to be within 10 km (6.2 mi) are now shown on the alert screen alert map (if enabled), including their flight paths (if available)
* PAWS filter settings simplified
* Removed animations from alert screen updates to reduce update latency
* Added animations to dialogs (because they make me smile)
* Fixed some bugs with knob-muted alerts and knob-mute detection

The new alert screen alert map for CSA and PAWS alerts has a "HIDE" button in the lower left. If you need to see info behind the window, tap the HIDE button to slide the window out of the way, and then a small map icon will slide up over the V1 settings area. Tap the icon to bring the map back into view. The map continues to update while hidden, but not when the app is backgrounded.

The green (dark map) and blue (light map) circles on the map are in 1-mile increments, out to 5 miles. The orange circle is 1/2 mile, the red one 1/4 mile. When only CSA's are on the map, it will zoom to a little over 3 miles of forward range with your location near the bottom of the map. When aircraft and their paths are on the map, it will zoom out to around 13 miles of total range with your location in the center. Helicopters have a different icon that look like a helicopter (surprise!), and their paths are dotted instead of dashed. The faster a plane or helicopter is traveling, the more space between the dashes and dots. It doesn't vary the spacing along the path to show changes in velocity, it only reflects the current speed.

09/27/2018 www.rdforum.org: Version 1.1.13 Released
Removed an options menu item that violated play store TOS.

09/26/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.12 released
* Arrow style options for CSA, Marks, and PAWS
* Speedometer color option (white, orange)
* Option for control of auto brightness on/off (requires new permission)
* Layout and style improvements
* Fixed NPE crash on alternate landscape layout
* Fixed CAI muting radio when muted alerts occurring under Silent Ride setting
* Fixed initial volume bug
* Other fixes

PAWS has two data sources available now. The primary, default source is a different one than used in previous release, which is now the secondary source. When HD alert table is enabled, the alert screen will show two arrows for aircraft bearing and heading, on top of each other. The white arrow indicates bearing from you to aircraft. The green arrow indicates aircraft heading/track relative to your current heading. So if the aircraft is behind you and to the right at 4 o'clock and traveling along the same road as you, the white arrow will point to 4 o'clock and the green arrow will point straight up to 12 o'clock. On non HD alert tables, the first larger arrow is bearing to aircraft, and the second smaller arrow is aircraft heading/track

09/22/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.11 released
* Active V1 alerts appear before other alerts on alert screen and overlay
* Easier-to-read arrows for non-V1 alerts
* Additional overlay margin options
* V1 knob mute detection auto disables when native K muting enabled on connected V1
* Fixed rear laser alert not showing arrow
* Proximate Aircraft Warning System (PAWS) alerts to nearby, low-flying aircraft (experimental, see developer options) (effectiveness subject to coverage in your area)
* Preloaded marks for some aerial speed measurement zones (FL, OH [partial], ME [partial])

1.1.10 - Missing Release Notes

09/13/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.9 released
* Box mute orientation options (ANY, REAR, SIDE, REAR+SIDE); box mute will apply to the selected signal orientation(s) only
* Support for boxes within boxes (last match wins, so define larger "parent" boxes first)
* Large speedometer in priority alert display area when no priority alert to display
* Connection recovery improvements
* Audio settings rearranged for ease of use
* Re-targeted for Android P (9.0; SDK 28)

09/07/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.8 released
* Dongle type selection eliminated in connection settings (is now fully automatic, except that V1C Android dongles still must be manually paired to your device)
* Car Audio Interrupt now has two options: 1) Play as Phone Call, 2) Play as Voice Prompt
* Option to restore default settings (does not affect profiles, sweeps, profile override data, alert log data, lockout data, mark data)
* After profile pushed, the mode change delay (when one is required) has been increased from 3 seconds to 10 seconds to better accommodate less performant hardware
* Fixed a crash related to NOAA weather radar

App now supports connections to multiple V1C Android dongles. Instead of trying only the first paired V1C Android dongle, it will try them all until it finds an available one. I tried multi-threading the V1C Android connection attempts so all could be tested at same time, but Android seems to queue the connection attempts and blocks on each one. This means the second, third, ... , paired V1C Android dongle will take longer to find. At least you no longer have to unpair/pair to connect a different V1C Android dongle, right?

Car Audio Interrupt in 1.1.6 and 1.1.7 used only Play as Voice Prompt. This method is less intrusive on radios that support it, and even though both radios I have to test on support it, it turns out that not many others do. So I added the Play as Phone Call option, which should work on any radio (or headset) to which your device is connected for call audio. If this feature interests you, you may want to have only announcements enabled in audio settings (disable bogey lock and alert sounds) to minimize radio interruptions. If you had this feature enabled before this update, you'll need to re-enable it.

09/01/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.7 released
* New audio focus option (do not request focus)
* Audio focus bug fix

08/30/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.6 released
* Car Audio Interrupt option
* Per band alert sound volume controls
* New option for Ka-band alert sound (Porky)
* Time mute punch through settings
* Alert screen bogey counter turns green while V1 is muted
* Long press a user-muted alert to undo the user mute
* CSA alert persistence (10 seconds)
* V1 f/w and s/n info (most recently connected) stored in Connection settings for later referral
* Alert screen layout tweaks
* Bug fixes

08/18/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.5 released
* Import red light camera and speed camera locations from poi-factory.com (you must acquire the files and put them on your device)
* Options for speaker mode and audio focus
* Option to control V1 knob-mute detection
* Option to change "white listed" alert phrase
* Alert log indicates V1 priority alert with underlined frequency in log hits
* App mute now indicated with a red X on top of the gray speaker icon
* NOAA radar ground clutter filter
* Double tap NOAA radar image to cycle through zoom levels
* Bogey lock and alert sounds now disabled by default for new installs
* Bug fixes

08/03/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.4 released
* New NOAA radar image zoom/range option (150 mi, 100 mi, 50 mi)
* New NOAA radar image layer options (topography, borders, cities, highways, rivers)
* New CSA terse announcement option

08/01/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.3 released
* NOAA Nexrad radar imagery (USA only)
* New alpha settings for rear and side mutes
* Changed auto mute precedence to make time mute last
* Changed "Dir Mute" memos to show either "Rear Mute" or "Side Mute"
* Changed "Box Mute" memos to show either "ITB Mute" or "OTB Mute"
* Bug fixes

NOAA radar imagery: If you live or drive in the western US where there aren't many radar sites, like some remote areas of Nevada and Wyoming, there may be places where you don't get a very good radar image--if you get one at all.

Auto mute precedence: Time mute was moved to last so that it wouldn't always replace more significant auto mutes (box, direction).

07/27/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.2 released
* New display option, Rear Dark, keeps V1 display dark when a strong rear alert is present
* New box option to mute ITB for Ka Low (33.8)
* New CSA option to control announcements of multiple alerts
* New CSA option to reverse geocode alert locations when road name is unknown (not provided by source)
* New CSA alert sound option
* Improved readability of CSA alert thumbs up and report age on main alert screen when HD display is enabled
* Fixed CSA reverse geocoding bug when Same Road Only option is enabled
* Fixed profile override area search
* Other bug fixes

I have begun working on weather radar imagery using NOAA Nexrad radar images. This will be a lot of work, and unfortunately will provide imagery only for the United States, Puerto Rico, and Guam. For those of you who managed to get API keys from WU before they stopped issuing free ones, the existing option should continue to work unless and until they turn it off (the keys, or the API itself).

I also will be working on a day mode for the main alert screen and the overlay, for easier viewing in bright light.

07/17/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.1 released

* New connection option, Auto Connect, controls auto connection attempt when app started manually
* Connect menu option replaced by button
* Bug fixes

When Auto Connect is disabled, the app will no longer try to connect to a V1C dongle when you manually start the app. This behavior is separate from, and does not affect, the Auto Start option.

07/14/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.1.0 released
* New option for manual/auto lockout indicator. When enabled, mute code "L" replaced by "M" or "A".
* New option to disable auto learn of box-muted signals. If you use K boxes to mute likely BSM signals, enabling this will greatly reduce learned/learning lockout clutter where these BSM signals are frequently seen in the same general location.
* New option for speed limit sign theme, no longer changes on English/metric setting.
* New option to check internet availability on startup, with voice warning if not available.
* New options for GPS-only overspeed warning, default lockout marker visibility on map, show speed in alert markers, disable connection lost chirp, disable Ka band disabled warning, and signal strength meter colors.
* New markers and pop-up windows for lockouts on alert log map.
* Lockout moves on map can be cancelled.
* Box mute punch through and alpha apply to ITB + OTB muted alerts.
* Battery voltage shown on standard portrait screen.
* Fixed CSA time-to-target display bug.

06/08/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.9 released
* (Display) Option for multi-colored signal strength meter
* (Display) Alert screen flasher flashes screen even when backgrounded
* (Display) HD Alert Table uses darker backgrounds for Ka- and X-band freqs, for improved contrast with signal strength meters
* (Alerts) Manually classify V1 alerts as Constant On or Instant On, from alert screen or alert log, with corresponding alert log filters
* (Quick Settings) Alert Distance toggle replaced with Force Speaker toggle
* (Lockouts) Directional Unlearn option (enabled = previous behavior)
* (Map) Lockout info includes bearing when created
* (CSA) Tap a CSA alert from app alert screen for option to dismiss it

Tap a V1 alert while displayed on the alert screen to manually classify it as CO or IO in real time. If you make a mistake, e.g. you classify one as CO and meant to classify it as IO, just tap the alert again and then tap IO. If you want to undo a CO or IO classification, just hit the same classification again to un-uh-un-uh-un-uh-undo it. Or you can fix it later from the alert log. You can even classify a locked out signal as CO/IO. Doing so will cause it to punch through the lockout for the duration of the alert. This provides a data trail (alert initially locked out and then classified as real) that may be very useful at a later date.

06/01/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.8 released
* (Overlay) Increased sizes of font and signal strength meter in HD overlay
* (Overlay) Option to display CSA report age in non-HD overlays
* (Display) HD alert table now respects Alert Table Signal Graphs option, shows mute memo instead of mute code when alert table signal graphs are disabled
* (Alert Log Histograms) Tap on a histogram bucket (bar) to see list of alerts in that bucket (zoom way in first for easier tap)
* Bug fixes

05/25/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.7 released
* (Marks) New options for directional user marks (1-way, 2-way, all-way).
* (Display) For locked-out and white-listed signals, alert table signal graphs show circles indicating the coverage relative to your position (center of graph) and bearing, as if the signal graph were a map.
* (Display) Speed limit sign condensed, automatically uses European theme when units set to Metric.
* (Reverse Geocoder) URL changed (was broken) for the primary source of location address and PSL data.

New user mark create dialog (see posting)

05/25/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.6 released
* (Display) New High-Density Alert Table option
* (Display) New Arrows Scale with Signal Strength option
* (Display) Large Font option change no longer requires app restart
* (Lockouts) New Deep-Analysis Punch Through option (work in progress)
* (User Marks) New Short Text options for Other and Other2 mark types

With HD Alert Table option enabled, most critical info is condensed into a tighter group for quicker visual threat assessment. You also get time, distance, and signal graph displayed for all V1 alerts, distance and estimated time to mark for CSA and user mark alerts, and CSA report age in the overlay.

Arrows Scale with Signal Strength has been the default behavior since alpha. Now you can turn that off if you wish and get the same size (large) arrow regardless of strength.

Deep-Analysis (lockout) Punch Through is a work in progress. It won't do any extra locking out, so it's safe to try. What it will do is consider a lot of factors in determining if locked out signals are likely NOT originating from their respective lockouts, and thus a threat. If it makes a positive determination, and the signal strength is at or above your setting, the signal will punch through the lockout and you will be alerted. This is not something I can thoroughly test by myself, so please try it out and share your experiences with it.

Short Text options for Other and Other2 user marks allow you to set the abbreviated text that appears in user mark alerts.

05/19/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.5 released
* (Alert Log) Top 100 alerts by distance, elapsed time, or initial speed
* (Alert Log) Alert frequency histograms
* (Alert Log) Export of alert hits includes lockout parameters for locked out hits
* (Marks) Added another customizable mark type
* (Marks) New alert range settings by mark type
* (Lockouts) New Punch Through setting
* (Audio) New Bogey Lock Locked-Out Signals setting
* (Audio) Bogey Lock Auto-Muted Signals setting no longer applies to locked out signals

The alert frequency histograms have a main chart and a preview chart with a blue selection box. Drag the blue box left or right to control what's displayed in the main chart. You can double-tap the blue box to zoom in, and you can pinch the blue box like an image to zoom in and out. The bar segments that have more transparency are locked out alerts/hits. The bar segments that are colored red, green, and yellow, are alert hits by signal orientation (ahead, to side, behind).

05/12/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.4 released
* Option to export alert log data to CSV (/com.johnboysoftware.jbv1/alert_log_*.csv)
* Removed "Default" selection from Sweep Set option in profiles
* Fixed no error message on push of invalid sweeps (hopefully)

05/01/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.3 released
* Removed sweep section gap validation in custom sweeps definition
* When V1 changes pushed sweeps, changes are saved to the sweeps that were pushed, and user is notified via toast
* Option for max CSA age
* Option to shut down Daze* on V1 connection lost (*Substitiute W for D)

04/22/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.2 released
* Display option to use larger font for frequencies in alert table and overlay
* Auto mute option to always mute all alerts while stationary, regardless of Silent Ride settings

04/16/2018 www.rdforum.org: 1.0.1 released
* Auto Mute options to enable Silent Ride by band
* Audio options to announce alerts that begin muted but are later un-muted (Ka, K, Ku, X)
* Audio options to announce alerts only if white listed (K, Ku, X)
* Overlay flick to center positions
* Custom toasts reverted back to standard toasts

Important: Previous versions had one Silent Ride option for Ka that would exclude Ka-band alerts from Silent Ride muting when enabled. There are now Silent Ride options for all bands, and you must now DISABLE the option to exclude that band from Silent Ride muting.

I reverted the alert screen toasts back to standard toasts because of some crash reports that had the Toast class, but not any of my application code, in the stack traces. I don't recall having seen the errors before customizing the toasts, so I changed them back to standard toasts to see if the errors disappear.

04/08/2018 www.rdforum.org: Production 1.0.0 release
* Initial production release
* White-listed signals announced as "white listed"
* V1 display options Auto Dark and On/Off consolidated into V1 Display Mode option [ OFF, ON (default), AUTO ]
* Sensor Dark option keeps V1 display dark in low-light environments (affects ON and AUTO display modes)
* CSA alerts in overlay show road name instead of "POLICE"
* Overlay may be flicked to other corners, for when you need to see and/or touch something behind it

If you use the Auto Dark mode like I do, you need to go to the end of the Display settings page and select V1 Display Mode = AUTO.

The Sensor Dark option works with display modes ON and AUTO. When enabled, and while the light sensor on your device indicates low light, the V1 display will switch off (if it was on) and remain off, even during non-muted alerts. When disabled, or when enough light detected, ON and AUTO display modes will function normally.

03/31/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.72 released
* Google Drive Backup & Restore
* New CSA options for minimum speed and map distance
* Always On overlay now shows V1 mode letter / bogey counter
* Margin settings for overlay
* Optional over speed warning
* New indicators for APO (Auto Profile Override) and GEO / PSL (reverse GEOcoding / Posted Speed Limit)
* Bogey counter added to alternate portrait layout
* Bug fixes

03/12/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.71 released (CSA bug)
This release resolves a CSA issue introduced in 0.9.70. Please update promptly if you use this feature.

03/11/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.69 released
* New overlay option: Always On
* Long press overlay while alerting mutes all non-muted alerts
* MANY multi-window mode fixes and adjustments

I spent over an hour fixing (finally) and tuning multi-window mode. Work continues on Google Drive backup/restore, as time permits.

03/09/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.68 released
* Added thumbs-up counter to CSA alerts on alert screen
* Added style options for CSA alert map night mode
* Changed when night mode style is applied to alert map to increase likelihood that the style is applied properly
* NPE crash fix

Known issue: When CSA alerts begin while app is backgrounded, the map isn't visible when app is brought to foreground. I hope to have this fixed soon.

The new styles for night mode: (see thread)

03/07/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.66 released
* CSA alerts now include age on alert screen and in announcement
* CSA alerts (simplified) now appear in overlay
* CSA inset map widened, centered, and moved to bottom of alert screen
* CSA maps show current location toward bottom of map
* CSA maps now show variable 3D perspective with auto zoom
* Weather radar alerting alpha now applied to position/bearing indicator
* Signal graph now shows all raw signal strength data by antenna (used to show combined & sampled data)
* Signal graph now auto scales to signal peaks, with intent to show relative strength over time instead of absolute strength
* New option to show signal graph for each threat in alert list
* New option for full-screen CSA map
* New options for alert screen orientation lock and overlay background dim
* Fixes NPE crash when device orientation changes, or multi-window mode engages, before current profile displayed

03/04/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.64 released
* CSA maps with auto zooming and auto day/night modes, option for orientation to current heading or north
* Fixed multi-window mode crashes

02/28/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.63 released
* Option to disable speed restriction on settings
* Option to announce "out of the box" for OTB signals
* Option to show weather radar image on alert screen background
* Bug fixes

Weather radar images require an API key from Weather Underground. If interested, create an account on WU, and then find the menu option to create an API key, using a project name unique to you, please.

02/28/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.62 released
* Settings icon menu optimized for driving
* Option to display alert screen distances in miles/kilometers instead of feet/meters
* Alert list restyled a bit
* Road names added to CSA alert display
* Option to reverse geocode an alert location for easier same road match. This isn't fully tested, so be careful if you try it out.
* Fixed title-less dialogs having empty space where a title would be if there was one (Android 5.x)
* Other miscellaneous bug fixes

02/22/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.60 released
* New: Auto Profile Overrides (general)
* New: Silent Ride Tracks PSL option (experimental)
* New: Announce Bogey Count option (audio)
* New: Long press large mute button mutes all non-muted alerts
* New: Speed Limit Sign color option (white/orange)
* Changed: Settings icon no longer hidden at speed
* Fixed: V1 mode apply on profile push not working properly
* Fixed: Profile push dialog, tapping OK without selection disables pushing until app restart

Auto profile overrides:

This feature is intended to be used for exceptions to the rule. If you often drive from A to B and need some profile changes along the way, create overrides in those areas and assign the appropriate profile to each area. You should leave your home area with no override, I would think, but you can do it however you like. Although it would probably be ok to create polygons for every state in the USA, it wasn't really designed for that, and I have not tested that use case for performance.

When searching for a city, county, or state in the USA, search for "city, st" or "x county, st" or "state" for best results. For example:
1) City:​
a) "baton rouge, la" (Geaux Tigers!)​
b) "atlanta, ga"​

2) County:​
a) "east baton rouge parish, la"​
b) "fulton county, ga"​

3) State:​
a) "louisiana"​
b) "georgia"​

If you click on a search result, and you don't get either shaded polygon(s) or a box, you can't use that area for an override. Some very small towns you may not be able to use for an override. Sometimes you might get a large polygon with no shading. I get that for Texas. I think it's a Google Maps bug, because the code indicates its a closed polygon (required) and it shows up shaded after the polygon is simplified and saved in the database.

After you've created one or more override areas, don't forget to enable this feature in General settings.
Also, the crowd-sourced alerts settings are in the Experimental settings section. Let me know how it works for you in your area.

And one more thing to remember: The auto profile overrides only require internet when you're searching for areas to use or when you want to see a saved area on a map. Operationally, the feature itself requires only GPS and uses zero data.

02/16/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.56 released
* New: option to announce "in the box"
* New: mute codes written to alert log
* Fixed: alert screen dimmer activates when disabled
* Fixed: alert screen activity could have multiple instances
* Fixed: connections to non-LE dongle not closing completely
* Fixed: audio volume reduced after phone call
* Fixed: alert sounds play during phone call
* Changed: force speaker option affects announcements only
* Changed: when force speaker disabled, announcements play to car audio when streaming music, to device speaker otherwise
* Changed: alert sounds and bogey lock tones always play on device speaker (sorry, had to do this to get better handling of announcements and phone calls)

02/09/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.55 released
* New connection option: auto start delay (3-second default)
* Master switch for alert screen dimmer
* New dimmer options: exclude speedo and speed limit from alert screen dimmer, stay dimmed on muted alerts
* New screen flasher option: use band or orientation for flash color coding
* New marks option: "Other" mark text customization
* New box options: OTB mute punch-through, OTB mute alpha
* Old option "No Priority for ITB/OTB Muted Alerts" changed to "No Priority for Muted Alerts," and it works now
* Bug fixes (app shutdown, overlay)

01/29/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.54 released
* Improved V1C-LE connectivity
* Improved auto start for Android 8.x
* Improved multi-window support (7.0+)
* Mostly static white text changed to orange for less wear on OLED screens and better night vision (speed is still green/white)
* Alert screen dimmer option
* Alert screen flash option
* Hide navigation bar option
* Toast messages restyled and color coded by category (green = info, orange = warning/attention, red = error)
* Bug fixes

I made a lot of changes to LE connectivity, hopefully for the better. I tested it exhaustively on three different brands of hardware (Google/LG, Alcatel, Samsung) running four different versions of Android (8.1, 7.1.2, 7.0, 6.0.1), and it's working pretty well. I was able to trip it up a little when pulling the plug on dongle power at the worst times, but it always recovered and reconnected. I wasn't able to test on 5.x, but I don't expect it to have any problems. I'll continue to work on making it smoother for brown-out starts.

Hope no one minds the change to orange for mostly static text that stays in one spot on the screen for a long time. After only a few minutes, I started liking it even more. It's way better at night. I got the idea to change it after researching which colors are worst for wearing out AMOLED screens ("burn in"). Worst are blues and whites. Best are reds, yellows, oranges, and greens.

I LOVE the alert screen dimmer, personally. I use it (60%) in combo with the alert screen flash for new, non-muted alerts. The flashes are color coded to the band, of course. :) I'm sure there will be tweaks in future releases. If you depend on the speedometer or speed limits, you may not want to use the dimmer. I could add an option to raise those items above the dimmer, if there's interest in that.

01/24/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.53 released
* Addresses issues connecting to V1C dongles
* New audio options for alert volume ramping by signal strength
* Status bar icons revised

01/21/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.51 released
* Reverse geocoding (Internet required)
* Speed limit display (requires reverse geocoding)
* New status bar icons
* Sweep sections fetched from V1 after each connection to ensure correct values are cached for display in Custom Sweeps definition screen
* Elevation display removed
* Fixed bug where enabling Always Mute V1 option would disable app bogey lock tone and announcement
* Other minor bug fixes

The reverse geocoding option is intended to be used for auto profile/sweeps pushing and speed-limit-based muting options to appear in a future release. The speed limit display option was added mainly because I was already getting the data in the reverse geocoding, so why not show it (disabled by default). Reverse geocoding (primary) and speed limits come from OSM (OpenStreetMap). When (not if) you find roads in your area with the wrong speed limit, or none at all, you can correct them in OSM. Just go to OSM web site, create a free account, and add or edit them wherever they're missing or incorrect. If you don't care about any of this, or you're using a dedicated device with no data, or you just don't want to use more of your data, you'll want to leave these options disabled. In the future, and if there's enough interest, I plan to try some no--data-required options for detecting state boundaries.

The sweep sections for your V1 are what define the boundaries for your custom sweeps. For v3.8952 V1s, there's one sweep section: 33.360 - 36.051. For older V1s, there are two sections: 33.xxx - 34.770, 34.774 - 36.xxx (I don't have an older V1 and I don't remember what the xxx's are). No sweep may span a section boundary.

01/14/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.50 released
* On Android 6.0+, all required permissions are checked on app launch, and the user is prompted to grant any that are missing.
* Fixes for notifications on Android 8.0+.

If after launching you get the "draw over apps" permission screen, please enable for JBV1 and then hit your back button.

01/13/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.49 released
* Fixed issue where app could try to create an overlay when overlay permission has not been granted, resulting in a crash
* Fixed issue where app could exit when dialog windows remain open, resulting in a crash on exit
* Fixed issue where locking out an alert from the alert log might not lock out the entire alert trail if the trail was longer than the configured lockout radius
* Long press on settings/profile/sweeps region of alert screen will display current sweeps

01/11/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.48 released
* Option to launch Daze* after connection to V1 (*Substitute W for D)
* Alert log map fixes and enhancements
* Fixed issue where lockouts with > 10 MHz tolerance could miss an alert frequency > 10 MHz from lockout frequency but within specified tolerance
* Auto lockouts will now be deleted from database after unlearn count is reached (they used to hang around in case of future relearning)

Alert log map enhancements:

More info has been added to lockout markers, including created date, last seen date, and last visited date. There's a new menu item to toggle visibility of lockout circles. Long pressing an alert marker title will isolate that alert and any associated lockout for better visibility. This means that all other markers not related to the alert whose title you long pressed, or its lockout (if any), will be hidden on the map. Example (in thread)

01/10/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.47 released
* Auto start for V1Connection Android (SPP/non-LE)
* Auto start improved for V1Connection LE
* Auto start wake lock option now applies only to V1Connection Android
* Option to not show disconnected icon on status bar when auto start enabled and JBV1 not running
* Option for 125-meter lockout radius
* Bug fixes

If you're using auto start now, updating will kill the auto start service. After updating, you'll need to manually run the app once, or restart your device, before the service is restarted.

01/06/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.46 released
* Improved signal graph visibility
* Application auto start (V1C-LE only)

New connection options, some of which (Auto Start, Use Wake Lock) are for V1C-LE only at this time.

If you're going to use Auto Start, be sure to first disable any automation app launching of JBV1. How much battery is used by the Use Wake Lock option varies greatly by device. On my Alcatel 5044R, it only uses about 3% overnight. On my old Galaxy S5 Active (original battery, very old), it uses a bit more. With Use Wake Lock disabled, no extra battery is used if nothing else is keeping the system from sleeping, but auto start generally won't happen until some other event occurs (power connected, button pressed, BT connection to car). I don't see this as a bad thing for dedicated devices. I'll look into auto start for the non-LE dongle when I have more time.

If you're not using any lock screen security, Wake Display will also dismiss the key guard.

12/20/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.44 Released (audio fixes)
* Force Speaker audio option now works as intended: When enabled, sound plays to device speaker only. When disabled, sound plays to device speaker or BT audio connection (if any), but not both.
* Force Speaker change no longer requires app restart to take effect.
* Initial Device Volume default value changed from "100%" to "No change."
* Fixed alerts could get stuck in Priority Alert Display.

12/19/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.43 Released
This update resolves the following issues:

1) Marks system crashes the app when enabled and approaching a mark.
2) Performance of the app degrades over the course of a few hours.

12/16/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.42 Released
* App mute volume control for some auto mutes
* Display option for peak signal strength
* Current profile and sweeps now available in push dialog
* K mute settings remain visible when K band is enabled

Regarding the mute volume control:

I was thinking about a master mute volume and also individual mute volume controls for all mutes (use master would be the default setting for individual mutes), including locked-out signals. That seemed unnecessarily complex to me from a user perspective, so I went with a single auto mute volume control for now. Lockouts, snoozes, user mutes, and Silent Ride still fully mute and are excluded from auto mute volume setting. If enough people really want it, I can make individual mute controls, even by band if there's enough interest in that, too.

The mute volume controls the alert sounds only. Setting a >0 auto mute volume will not cause alerts immediately auto muted by direction, box, or K mute to be announced.

12/12/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.40 Released
* Audio settings reorganized by band
* Audio option to play new bogey sound on new auto-muted bogeys
* Alert sound bug fixes
* Mute control bug fixes
* Custom sweeps definition bug fixes
* Overlay bug fixes
* V1 "settings" directory renamed to "profiles"
* New "settings" directory to be used for app settings export/import (coming soon)

12/09/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.39 Released
* Custom sweep definition helpers (segments)
* Bug fixes (auto dark, settings reload)

I didn't quite finish the sweep definition helpers because I wanted to get some important fixes out. They work, but the segment a sweep may correspond to isn't on the button label when you return to the sweeps. Note that you don't have to use the seg buttons at all.

12/06/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.38 Released
* Settings button on V1 alert screen now shows menu: JBV1 Settings, V1 Profiles, Custom Sweeps, Alert Log, Exit.
* Profiles/sweeps push dialog headers are now buttons for navigation to V1 Profiles and Custom Sweeps screens. Buttons inactive when speed >= 2 meters/sec.
* Priority Alert Display mute memo now shows only alert-specific mutes (no more "Silent Rd" and "Sound Off" memos).
* GPS tracking changes for Android 5.x.
* Connection setting for length of time to scan for V1C-LE dongle.

12/03/2017 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.37 Released
* Auto Mute settings reorganized by band.
* Time Mute settings optionally mute alerts after selected periods of time (off, 3 secs, 5 secs, 10 secs).
* Mute flag added to alerts in alert list, shows most significant mute rule set on each alert: (L)ocked out, Snoo(Z)ed, (U)ser muted, (B)ox muted, (D)irection muted, (T)ime muted, (K) muted.
* Alert audio fixes (?)

12/02/2018 www.rdforum.org: 0.9.35 Released
* Display option to show locked-out alerts in overlay
* K muting bug fixes
* GPS tracking improvements
* New holiday-themed app icon (@InsipidMonkey)

This should fix a bug where K-band alerts were being "K Muted" outside the rules defined in active V1 profile.

11/30/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 0.9.34
* Mute control enhancements and fixes
* New setting for priority conflict resolution
* New settings category, Auto Mute, includes settings for rear/side muting by band and strength
* New audio settings for initial device volume and announce direction first
* New display settings for overlay position
* New app icon (looks less like a tree to me, lol)

11/15/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 0.9.26
* Option to hide status bar
* Option to change alert priority
* New General settings category
* Mute control enhancements and bug fixes
* Alert list management bug fixes
* White listed alert bug fixes (alert log, map)

Mute control changes:

When there's no active alert, the speaker button functions normally as a sounds on/off toggle. Tap it when it's green and it turns gray and everything gets muted automatically. Tap it when it's gray and it turns green and only auto-muted alerts (lockout, snooze, silent ride, K muting, OTB/ITB) will be muted.

When there's an active, un-muted alert, the green speaker icon will be much larger (for easier access while driving). Tapping the large speaker icon will mute V1, and then the speaker icon will shrink back to its original size, turn gray, and be disabled. The speaker icon will automatically turn green and be re-enabled when V1's mute expires (about 10 secs after no alerts, or when V1 wants to un-mute for a new bogey).

The same thing will happen with active, auto-muted alerts, except that you don't have to tap a button. The speaker button will turn gray and be disabled until V1's mute expires.

You also can mute an alert with a push of V1's volume knob, and that will also mute JBV1 and trigger the same changes to the speaker button. The button will turn green and be re-enabled automatically when V1's mute expires.

Muted alerts appearing in the Priority Alert Display area will have a mute memo that indicates why the alert is muted:
"Mute" - Muted by the user with either the JBV1 speaker button or the V1 knob
"Silent Rd" - Muted because the current GPS speed is below the Silent Ride setting
"OTB Mute" - Muted because the frequency is outside of all defined boxes for that band, and mute OTB option is enabled for that band
"ITB Mute" - Muted because the frequency is inside of a box defined for that band, and mute ITB option is enabled for that box
"K Mute" - Muted because of K muting rules defined in the currently active profile
"Sound Off" - Muted because sound has been toggled off
There are no mute memos for locked out or snoozed alerts because they will never appear in the Priority Alert Display.

One other change worth explaining:

Since alerts can be locked out and snoozed, other un-muted alerts can and will be promoted to the top of the alert list in JBV1 and will be the ones for which JBV1 audibly alerts. V1 has its own algorithm for deciding which alert is the priority alert, and that alert will be the one for which V1 audibly alerts. When V1's priority alert is locked out or snoozed, or when JBV1 and V1 otherwise disagree on the priority alert (V1 Priority option disabled), JBV1 will mute V1 and only JBV1 will audibly alert. This is important to know if you depend mostly on audible alerts.

Alert priority changes:

There's a new setting (General) to toggle V1 Priority:
Enabled - V1 tags an alert as a priority alert and is the one V1 audibly warns about. JBV1 respects this tag and will show this alert in the Priority Alert Display, unless that alert is snoozed or locked out. After the priority alert, JBV1 sorts by band (Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X) and strength for active alerts. Locked out alerts and snoozed alerts are pushed to the bottom of all active alerts.
Disabled - JBV1 sorts all alerts by band (Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X) and strength for active, un-muted alerts. Muted alerts will be below all un-muted alerts, followed by locked out and snoozed alerts, followed by inactive alerts. The alert at the top of this list is considered to be the priority alert if it isn't locked out, snoozed, or inactive.

11/15/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 0.9.23 (important fixes)
* Fixed bug where auto lockout learning was creating multiple lockouts for same signal location.
* Fixed bug where removing a lockout only removed the best match instead of removing all applicable lockouts (thanks to @Stoopstroop for the report).
* Fixed bug where laser audio alert began looping after creating a manual lockout.

11/10/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 0.9.20 Released (Auto Lockouts)
* New priority al1ert message area under the priority alert frequency shows band and reason muted (if muted by rule) (landscape layout also shows priority alert front/rear antenna bias)
* Revised compass heading algorithm to be more accurate at slow speeds and not revert to N when stopped (stupid Android location services)
* Revised some alert log headers to show speed and distance units instead of "Speed" and "Distance"
* Alert log day maps will map an entire day's worth of alerts, with auto zoom to fit all markers
* New map options to toggle alert markers and lockout markers
* Map now loads additional lockouts as they come into view when scrolling around the map
* Auto lockouts!
* Bug fixes

Be careful with auto lockouts, especially if you need whitelisting (not there yet). The current auto lockout settings, in addition to the tolerance/drift and radius options that also affect manual lockouts, are as follows:

1) Enable/disable globally
2) Enable/disable by band+laser
3) Maximum signal strength
4) Learn count (signal hits in same location before auto learn/lockout)
5) Unlearn count (consecutive signal misses in same location before auto unlearn)
6) Learn/unlearn interval (amount of time that must pass between hits and misses at a location before either is incremented/reset)

I'm sure there will be more settings to come as the auto lockout algorithms evolve.

11/03/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 Open Beta Release
-- Linked to thread. Most likely no longer appropriate. --

10/31/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 update
JBV1 is nearing an open beta test. This week, I'm trying to finish the V1 profile functionality (settings + custom sweeps) and fix a couple remaining bugs. I hope to announce the open beta this weekend. After I fix any issues arising from the open beta, I'll release to production and begin working on alternate screen layouts (who doesn't like options?) and auto lockouts.

10/08/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 Alert Log demo
(video in thread)

09/26/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 + Manual Lockout + Snooze + Mark
(video in thread)

09/20/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 + Demo Mode + Sounds
It's been really great having a working demo mode. This allows me to test alert behavior in an emulator, which means my V1 can stay in my car.

Recent changes:

1) Alert tracking (history) optimized for efficiency.
2) Active alerts now sorted by Laser, Priority Alert, Band (Ka, K, X), Strength.
3) Alert logging.
4) New bogey notification sounds.
a) X band = Dee-Dee-Deet (standard V1 bogey lock signal)
b) K band = Dee-Dee-Brap
c) Ka band = Dee-Dee-Brap-Brap
d) I really like these, but yes, there will be an option to turn them off.?

(video in thread)

09/12/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 + ITB
Here's where I am with JBV1:

* New arrows distinguish frequencies that are in-the-box (ITB) versus not. For now, I have the boxes at +/- 100 MHz from base (24.150, 33.800, 34.700, 35.500), but eventually those will be settings. I'm not happy with how the side arrows turned out and will be redoing those.

* Arrows now scale relative to signal strength.

* Long-clicking the priority alert area (the big signal strength meter and arrow) will change the priority alert display mode from ENABLED to BOTH to DISABLED. ENABLED shows priority alert in the priority alert display only, so only other alerts will appear in the alert list. BOTH shows priority alert in the alert list also. DISABLED turns off the priority alert display and the priority alert will only appear in the list along with any other alerts. When they appear in the alert list, priority alerts are highlighted with a slightly different background color. Soon, the priority alert display won't light up at all when moving under a minimum speed, regardless of the display mode selected.

* The text colors of frequencies in the alert list now match the colors of the respective strengths and arrows.

* Clicking the digital speedometer will switch speed and altitude from English units to metric.

The road map from here:

1) Logging of alerts to a SQLite database.
2) Manual lockouts
3) Marking (for RLC or whatever)
4) Auto lockouts

Numbers 2 and 3 might get reversed.

09/07/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 + Overlay (finally)
(video in thread)

09/03/2017 www.rdforum.org: JBV1 + GPS
So I've been busy with my JBV1 app for Android. In the last few days, I added the following:

1) Indicators for enabled bands and a few other settings. I eventually plan to have settings files for on-the-fly changes, but I like knowing what's on and what's not, without depending on a file name for clues (and not accidentally turning something on/off, or testing and forgetting to change back later).

2) Character-based arrows replaced with better-looking images. These are easier to "read" and, well, just look nicer.

3) Signal strength dot colors are now yellow for first 4 dots, orange for next 2 dots, and red for last 2 dots.

4) V1 mute on/off.

5) V1 display on/off/auto. Auto setting turns display on during alerts and off when no alerts.

6) GPS speed and elevation. I eventually will use speed for auto muting and who knows what else. Elevation is just a personal preference, as I sometimes drive in and around the Smoky Mountains, and I like to know my elevation. Besides, since I need GPS for speed anyway, I might as well get elevation, too. I've changed my mind on GPS lockouts, but I need to do a lot of reading on how best to go about it.

Below is a screenshot. Let me know what you think! (see thread)

08/29/2017 www.rdforum.org: My first Android app: JBV1
Saturday, I decided to download Android Studio and check it out. Below are some screenshots of my very first Android app! I'm calling it JBV1. It works with both V1Connection and V1Connection LE.

Each alert has a signal strength meter for each of the antennas. For minimum CPU usage and small memory and storage footprints, I'm using characters for everything (no images).

Before too long, I hope to have it announcing the frequency of the alert, showing enabled bands, auto connecting to last device, and auto stopping after a timeout period. Except for trying to figure out all the nuances of screen layouts and styling, this is fun stuff![/SPOILER]
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@imaitguy As I was downloading the latest install version and I saw the change notes pop up and the suggestions, I was thinking how great it would be to be able to print that for later but since I am an iPhone guy I don't know how to print from my Note 8 screen. So I was hoping to find it in the JBV1 App area and thanks to you here it is. Thanks to @johnboy00 for this wonderful App we have to use and thanks to you for taking the time to post this thread as for us App users, it is greatly appreciated.


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09/24/2019 1.8.6
  • Option to allow Honda BSM-muted alerts to be auto locked out (default = disabled = previous behavior)
  • Honda BSM-muted alerts can be manually locked out
  • Fixed location permissions issue with Android 10 devices
  • Bug fixes

09/22/2019 1.8.5
  • GPS icon removed in favor of a simpler textual GPS status indicator
  • V1 display icon relocated to upper right of screen, near where the GPS icon used to be
  • V1 display icon lights up red while V1 display is on, shows "R" or "S" when display is off because of Rear Dark or Sensor Dark, respectively
  • TMG icon relocated to bottom left of screen, where the V1 display icon used to be
  • Options to limit the number of alert table rows for each type of non-V1 alert (all alerts still mapped and/or announced as configured)
  • Options for larger map arrow and to have your location be at the tip of the arrow instead of at the center
  • Option for tail numbers on mapped aircraft
  • Option to exclude from overlay K- and X-band alerts muted by Silent Ride
  • Added "QUIT (HOLD)" button to pop-up settings dialog
  • CSA settings reorganized
  • POI factory RLC and speed camera at same location are combined into a "Combo Camera"
  • Map auto zoom for aircraft zooms to closest threat instead of always zooming out to ~10 miles to nearest edge
  • When CSA and/or mark alerts are ahead, map auto zooms to closest CSA/mark, regardless of nearby aircraft
  • RG road detection improved to reject cross streets
  • Mark alert ranges include time options for automatic, speed-dependent alert ranging
  • Green time option for new, non-V1 alerts
  • Launch other app option (currently Waze or Maps, when installed) replaces launch Waze option
  • Removed fused location provider option (because it sucks)
  • Other tweaks and fixes
  • 18 Sep 2019 camera database

09/12/2019 1.8.4
  • Revised range meter for non-V1 alerts
  • Fixed overlay(s) not shown when app backgrounded while device is in multi-window mode
  • Fixed storage permissions issue with new installations on Android 10
  • Fixed TTS crash from settings screens
  • 11 September 2019 camera database update

09/10/2019 1.8.3
  • PAWS settings reorganized, defaults revised
  • PAWS suspicious filter improved
  • PAWS blacklist and whitelist (screens to manage these lists coming in future release)
  • Range meters changed from all red to green-yellow-red gradient
  • Option to Auto Hide Buttons when alert map is visible
  • Fixed alert map does not auto hide when auto visibility enabled
  • Fixed overlay layout issue with V1 alerts when HD alert table disabled
  • Fixed crash in multi-window mode when marks button clicked
  • Retargeted to Android 10

09/06/2019 1.8.2
  • Announcement preemption (Laser > Ka > K > Ku > X > other)
  • Announcement cancellation for K-, Ku-, and X-band alerts (Audio options)
  • V1 alert announcements include characteristics when announced instead of when queued
  • Non-V1 announcements include distance
  • Comments, if any, announced for CSA (terse disabled)
  • New non-V1 alerts on alert screen appear with green backgrounds for first 10 secs
  • Alert screen allows more non-V1 alerts, all sorted by general bearing (ahead/behind, exc. PAWS) and distance
  • Group Range option for CSA
  • Added an additional user-defined mark type (3 total)
  • Fixed alert map state lost when app backgrounded with map minimized (map overlay now properly not shown)
  • Fixed (?) TTS-related crash on some devices with language set to Romanian
  • Other bug fixes

09/04/2019 1.8.1
  • Volume settings (exc. muted volumes) moved to Audio > Volumes
  • New range meter and scales for non-V1 alerts
  • Alert Hold option for marks (see description in Marks settings)
  • 4 September 2019 camera database
  • Bug fixes

08/31/2019 1.8.0
  • Alert map overlay (Display > Alert Map Overlay)
  • Options to control announcement volume (Audio > Audio Handling)
  • Options to control notification volume (Marks, CSA, PAWS)
  • Options to control alert map range circles (Display > Alert Map)
  • Option to auto switch from V1 mode to offline mode when V1 turned off while moving (Connection > Advanced)
  • Option to control aircraft position max age filter (PAWS)
  • Option to display aircraft altitude relative to your elevation (PAWS) (How high the aircraft is above you instead of above sea level)
  • Aircraft altitude filters now relative to your elevation (PAWS) (No more need for a 10,000- to 20,000-foot ceiling at high elevations that's overkill at low elevations, it now auto adjusts to wherever you are)
  • CSA reminder notifications at 1600 meters (1 mile) and 800 meters (1/2 mile)
  • CSA report age filter uses last confirmed (thumbs up) time for confirmed reports
  • CSA announces "... confirmed xx minutes ago ..." for confirmed reports
  • Performance and memory management improvements
  • UI tweaks, esp. for HD alert table/overlay
  • 28 August 2019 camera database
  • Bug fixes
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https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?threads/93354/ (1.9.0?)
https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?threads/91637/ (1.8.0?)
https://www.rdforum.org/index.php?threads/90626/ (1.7.0)
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