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May 14, 2018
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View media item 454 Since I've owned my R3 I've only had 1 legitimate KBand alert and it was in a very small 1 police officer city.

This morning coming home from a flight shift I got an unusual to me KBAND ramp up......there was only 1 car around me and it was coming up from behind. At first I thought it was blind spot or something similar.....but the ramping up was slower and steadier than I'd experienced. Then I got a little sniff of Ka which caught my attention at 34.7 which is what the local sheriff around here uses. The multi alert on the R3 showed both the Ka and the K being detected......on the video you'll see that the Ka disappears and the K goes crazy. Sure enough about 1/2 mile down the road on the opposite side is on of the Davis County Sheriff suburbans that is black with ghost stickers and clear light bar. He was obviously shooting forward c/o KBand. So I turned around to run the gauntlet again to film him and get a better sniff. (I only have an iPhone to film which I obviously normally don't do while driving so the quality sucks because I'm hist kinda pointing it so I can drive safely.)

I think the little sniff of Ka is because the shops where they get gas and service vehicles is near by so there may have been a 2nd Leo up above on a side street. (Unless anyone has a better suggestion) I am SHOCKED that they have KBand in any of their vehicles and this is definitely a bummer to see it in use. No idea what scenario led to this vehicle having K as I have gone past many of their vehicles and they have always had front and rear Ka shooting 34.7.

I also included a photo of the "enhanced safety" of the new paint/decal scheme of the patrol vehicles that they use. They are a really unique beast....they are both Deputy Sheriffs AND Paramedics. They function in both roles throughout their shift. They did this initially because the county was rural and no fire departments could afford to provide the paramedic service but as the county has grown this model has become much less liked and is slowly being taken away city by city. My Fire Engine literally has reflective stickers everywhere because of our new safety standards and yet more and more police are trying to hide their cars.....It drives me crazy.
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