First longer distance R3 trip in Utah


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May 14, 2018
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Got to take the R3 out for a 900 mile round trip from Salt Lake City to Mesquite Nevada and back this week.

All of my actual encounters (and there were many) were with the Utah Highway Patrol on Ka on either 34.7 or 34.6. Most of our Troopers have front and rear antennae and it seemed like most of the hits were 34.7 from the front antenna and 34.6 off the rear which actually became kind of fun to try and figure out where they were. Most were running C/O and I didn't come across any I/O traps or laser.

On one encounter in a little area named Levan which is a very well known heavily enforced trap area, I was listening on my scanner and heard a Trooper working the stretch of freeway so I was being cautious. I got a quick whiff on 34.6. It started to ramp up and then disappeared. I went a little farther and it hit about mid strength on the same freq and then disappeared again. At this point I'll admit I was kinda wishing the R3 had arrows. I was relatively sure that the Trooper was ahead of me somewhere but a little nervous he was behind me and at this point I was going psl because I was in my corvette and figured I'd be the one singled out for sure for a ticket. So my fear was having a Trooper pace me from behind.

After 2 more quick hits on 34.6 that both redlined for about 10 seconds each it stayed on full red, I came over the crest of a hill to see a Trooper about 1 mile in front of me starting to turn around through the center median with lights activated. As soon as he turned it red lined on 34.7 and showed a second Ka on the multi threat. As soon as we were even going opposite directions it went back to full redline of 34.6.

Listening on the scanner he caught up to the speeder about 2 miles down the road. So I'm guessing he was doing rolling I/O for quite a few miles in front of me and I finally caught up with him. I'd be super interested in knowing if there is any rhyme or reason to the frequency of front vs. rear antennae is a dual setup. It could be kinda helpful in figuring out where the officer is.

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