Do not give any more info to cops than necessary..


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Jun 26, 2015
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My approach has been completely contrary to this. Not that I don't agree with the post, it's just that the opposite has worked well for me. How well ? I don't know anyone on forum and I'm new here, but I can say as truthfully and accurately as I can that I've been stopped more than 40 times in my life and I have a grand total of less than 10 tickets.....I believe the # is 8. Really. My strategy... admit honestly exactly what I was doing, what speed I was driving (if I know) and look them straight in the eye the whole time. Then shut up and answer with "sir" or "mam", but not sarcastically. The most common reaction I get is they drop their jaw in amazement. I guess they've heard so much BS they don't know how to react to the truth. I don't suggest this but it works for me.

Just my $.02.
I used to ride with a friend of mine that worked for a local PD most weekends when I was in college. He was a really relaxed guy and nothing much ever bothered him. I saw him handle some really tough domestic disputes like a charismatic diplomatic. At the time, I was in the hiring process with the Ohio Highway Patrol so he essentially mentored me. Most nights, he was pretty predictable on his stops. Before he got out of the patrol car to approach a driver, he would explain to me how he was going to handle the stop and in 99% of cases, it went exactly as he described. Most of his stops resulted in warnings.

I don't remember many stops except for one. We were sitting at a stop light waiting for a green light when a guy blows right through the red light directly in front of us. Before my friend got out of the cruiser, he told me that he was going to check the guy's drivers license and issue him a warning. When he went up to the drivers window, the driver immediately became aggressive and started arguing with him. When my friend came back to the cruiser with the guy's drivers license, his face was bright red and he was pissed (the only time I ever saw this guy angry). He immediately started writing the guy a ticket. If the driver had just been civil at a minimum, he would have left with a verbal warning. Instead, he talked himself into a ticket. Cops get lied to all day, everyday. I think in some cases, they find it refreshing when people actually admit they did something stupid.

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