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Oct 29, 2010
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Classifieds Section Rules & Guidelines

First of all, welcome to (RDF), and thank you for becoming a member of the most active radar & laser countermeasures forum on the net. The goal of RDF is to provide a knowledge base for the public, radar detector/laser jammer enthusiasts, and other vehicle countermeasure enthusiasts. Additionally, our members should always be ready to lend a helping hand to each other - both for the benefit of our newer members, and our community.

Classifieds Section Rules & Guidelines

1.) The owner, administrators, and moderators of do not endorse, verify, test, or insure any member or product offered for sale in the Classifieds Section.

2.) The buyer and seller of any merchandise indemnify and hold the owner, administrators, and moderators of harmless in any and all transactions.

3.) Each item offered for sale must have a price, picture of item and may not be posted more than once per calendar month. Posts containing items for sale or wanted to buy are not permitted outside of the Classifieds Section. Illegal materials, pornographic materials, illegally obtained materials, firearms and illegal services are not permitted to be posted or advertised for sale or wanted on this forum and website. No member unless granted permission by the moderators is permitted to represent any business on this forum and/or advertise any business on this forum with the exception of radar detector, laser jammer, and other countermeasure manufactures or vendors who have been granted the membership title as Official Manufacturer Representative or Official Vendor Representative may advertise for their respective manufacturer or vendor. The Official Manufacturer Representative or Official Vendor Representative may post links to the business that they represent. No one is permitted to initiate a Personal Message (PM) to solicit sales of any product. A member is permitted to initiate a PM to purchase a product from another member.

4.) By posting or viewing any Classifieds Forum on or entering into any verbal or written contract to purchase or sell goods posted in the Classifieds Section of, all parties agree to the rules and terms of

Online Buying and Selling Tips
Buyer Beware. If "the deal" sounds too good to be true - then, don't be a victim. Watch out for SCAMS such as "My agent will send you a check for more then your selling price - so, send the merchandise and refund the difference with a check from your account...". While most sellers/buyers are legitimate, there are a few who would take advantage of your "goodwill" and trust.

Exercise extreme caution in dealing with individuals who will only provide you an e-mail address from "Yahoo", "Hotmail" or any other "anonymous" e-mail provider. If they don't have a "real" e-mail address, or are unwilling to provide one - red flags should be waving in your mind.

Understand exactly what you are buying. Does the merchandise actually exist? If so, ask about condition, usage, wear, and ask for pictures, etc. In this case, there is never "too much information".

Investigate the seller/buyer. Check out a company with the Better Business Bureau, Secretary of State, and State Attorney General offices. If it's a private seller, ask for references from previous customers and transactions - and contact those previous customers. For this site, ask them for links to threads/or E-mail discussions they have participated in over the previous years. Are they at least known within this community? If not - exercise caution.

Be cautious in dealing with private individuals. If the seller is a private individual and/or in another state, it may be impossible to resolve a problem. Get the sellers and buyers real name, their street address, phone number(s) (home & workplace), and any other information regarding the company or individual BEFORE sending them a single penny. Call any phone number provided to you - and speak to the buyer/seller BEFORE the transaction takes place.

Understand deliveries, returns, refunds and warranties. Ask the company/seller about delivery time, if it has a return or refund policy in writing, and what kind of warranty is available.

Question unique "requests" from either the buyer or seller. Remember that you have not seen the merchandise in person, nor know this person at a personal level. If something seems "out of the ordinary" - walk away from the buyer/seller or making the purchase.

Pay the safe way. In any Internet transaction, requesting cash may often be a sign of fraud. You may want to try paying by credit card, but you should exercise great care before releasing your credit card number. You may wish to ask your credit card company about a one-time use card number -- to be used for that purchase only -- to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft. If the goods are misrepresented or never arrive, you can dispute the charge, and the number cannot be used again. In addition, consider checking with an escrow agent. With this, you pay into the escrow account, and the seller doesn't get the cash until you have the product. Cash on delivery (COD) can also be used as well as a Postal Money Order, as a USPS Money Order may offer some protection under Federal Fraud statutes.
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