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Jul 29, 2021
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If its better for the LEO not to get a reading than to get a lower reading why do we suggest to never JTG and to rather slow down and let them get a lower reading?

Why not tell everyone to jam to gun and dont worry about the LEO getting a reading at all. Seems contrary to some of the basic LIDAR rules we have set forth here to limit the impact of these things.
JTG is a terrible idea unless the intent is to piss the officer off.. Intentionally firing back with a lower, fake, incorrect, and manipulated speed would have the same, piss the officer off result in my opinion..

JTK does allow the officer to get a correct and accurate speed.. JTG or sending a manipulated and false speed reading back does not..

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May 31, 2018
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Back in the 90's I remember that Radio-Electronics (or another similar magazine) had a DYI article on how to build a radar jammer that would transmit X band and trick the PO's gun to display a "fixed" speed (that you set) or a percentage of your actual speed.

Do any of the Laser jammers have this ability, or do they simply prevent the lidar gun from getting a lock for a few seconds - giving you enough time to slow down?
So with radar, you're going up against the FCC. And they are anal about what they can do. They've fined teachers $25k for using a cellular jammer to keep kids of of their phones. Something the teachers didn't know was illegal. They just bought some electrical brick off AliExpress for $75 because they didn't give it a second thought. Well, I think it was Verizon who noticed a dead spot in their user's coverage and investigated it.

A speeding ticket isnt worth $25,000. Hence why you dont see people running MIRT devices (the IR beacons used on LEO cars and ambulances to change traffic lights) in fear of catching a felony charge.

Not to mention. new radar guns are alot harder to jam (the old guns were simple analog doppler) and would be expensive to R&D , expensive fines, expensive to sell.

Laser is regulated by the FDA since its commonly used in the medical field and isn't really used for communication outside of fiber optics. So to ban them, youd have to ban them specifically like Virginia does.
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I'm thinking you might not need to change the strength of the current jammer IR transmitters because the light from them should be at least twice the brightness of the reflected signal from the gun (because the light is direct from the car to the gun, so it's traveling 1/2 the distance of the gun's signal because the gun's signal needs to travel from the gun to the car, then back to the gun, and typically the car surface it's reflecting off of is not 100% reflective, so that reduces the reflected light even more).
If that was true, TMG would be the best jammer on the market today. It actually hurts to test a VPR TMG system since you're doing multiple runs and that VPR head is no joke. ALP causes fatigue over time in the dark when your pupils are dilated.

Now the older Prolaser 1 and 2 and some of the other guns would get jammed by the old Lidatek LE-10, a brute force jammer that actually would heat your hand if you held it a few inches away from it and had a shut down after 10 seconds because it was blasting so much laser, it would overheat. The new guns don't skip a beat.
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