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Apr 28, 2021
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Eastern Washington
What kind of vehicle you have?
95 Civic DX manual hatchback

Do you want a remote mount or windshield mount detector?
Windshield, Remote Mount

What's your budget?

Where do you live and where do you primarily drive?
Spokane, WA. Majority of my driving is freeway and highway, with some city streets and back roads. I like to take this car on long road trips in the northwest as well.

How do you drive?
On freeways usually speed limit+10. On twisty backroads, desolate highways, or long road trips often 20-30 over.

What is your daily drive like?
5 minutes on city streets, 5 minutes state highway, and 20 minutes on freeway.

How long you have been using countermeasures, if at all?
Only Waze

What is the terrain like where you normally drive?
Fair amount of hills, lots of trees

Are there red light and/or speed cams in your area?

Do you need / prefer a GPS enabled unit?

Are you willing/do you want to use your phone to pair with the RD?

What kind of device do you own or would use for your detector?

Do you face MRCD and/or MRCT in your area?

If you have any preconceived notions or thoughts about RDs, please tell us how long you've been using RDs or other units? etc. -- or any other relevant info you think might be important, let us know that as well.
Concerned with false alarms caused by radar cruise / blind spot systems, and also not getting notified if I'm actually getting clocked. I've also got caught speeding by a plane before. I'm pretty tech savvy, so I'm up for tweaking /tuning / dialing in settings as necessary. However I'd like a detector that is relatively unintrusive until it picks something up. Will likely consider 3D printing a mounting solution to put it out of sightlines or optimize location for picking up on radar or wire directly to accessory power to conserve my 12V outlet, etc. I like a project like that. Not sure if I want / need GPS or smart phone integration but I'm open to it. Flexible on budget, but ideally I'd keep it under $400. Thanks!


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Jul 13, 2012
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For your majority of highway driving, I'd recommend the R3 which is in your budget. It's generally regarded as the best bang for the buck detector, has GPS, decent false alert reduction, and excellent long range coming short of only the +$500 detectors. Speaking of those top end detectors it might be worth a look at the R7, it's a bit of a stretch right now but the price has been fluctuating to below MAP over the last few months on Amazon down to a low of I think $375. I'm unsure about refurb units, would have someone else chime in on those, but if they're good then a used/refurb R7 would be great.

One thing to note with all of Unidens detectors is they do not have Bluetooth, so there's no automated tracking of alerts through apps like JBV1 or Escort Live. That being said, if you prefer a standalone detector that just works and doesn't need an app, Uniden is your ballpark. You can run the Highway Radar app separately to be notified of planes and such when you're doing longer/faster trips or as desired.


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Oct 29, 2018
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The R3 or R7 are in your price range and great detectors. Use JBV1 and/or Highway Radar for their aircraft alerts on Android. You face laser too, and WSP can be pretty aggressive as you have found with the airplane ticket.

If you went to $499, you could check out the V1G2 and it would integrate really well with JBV1. The Crowd Sourced Alerts will help a little bit with laser on either app.

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Apr 2, 2020
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Worried about plane + tech savvy + android all adds up to using the JBV1 app, which can alert you to aircraft patrols. That's free (donations are suggested and the developer is a member here). So whatever you do, definitely get that.

And JBV1 integrates with the Valentine One Gen 2 (V1G2 in forum parlance) like peanut butter and jelly. You'll see lots of rave reviews about how much users love V1G2 + JBV1 for overall situation awareness.

The V1G2 is also noted to be the best at off-axis detection, which is important for hills and curves type terrain.

Note that the V1G2 does not have its own GPS. But when paired with an app like JBV1, it gains excellent GPS-based features courtesy of your phone. And it has some of the best blind-spot monitor filtering in the business.

At $499 it stretches that $400 budget a bit. But given how perfectly it seems to match your needs, and taking into account that you say there is some flexibility, it seems worth the extra money.

Uniden R3 is a really good detector that is comfortably under your budget all day long. So not a bad way to go either. But arrows are really nice to have to help you sort the alerts you get and react appropriately.

The R3's big brother, the R7, has arrows and sometimes dips below $400, but that seems to be the result of price manipulation on Amazon and you have to have luck and timing to get them when they drop like that. And sometimes you get shipped a hair tie by a shifty merchant. ;) (That is no reflection on Uniden itself, which is completely reputable as far as I know. Just the way that games get played on Amazon by certain sellers.)

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