Uniden R7 Firmware Complete Step by Step Tutorial

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Hi There RDF,
My attempt at serving our community.
Video tutorials on the complete update process for a Uniden R7, using new firmware 135.
Key points in the video for new to Uniden users:
-Always EXTRACT the zip files you download first, and save to your preferred location. Save all your firmware versions going forward in case you want to try an older one sometime.
-Always use a proven high quality DATA USB cable, not just a power cord. It it won't connect with other devices to exchange photos or music etc, then it won't work for updating a detector.
-If you get a fail error when uploading the firmware, follow instructions and try first to unplug the detector, and reconnect, and start again. Try that a few times before exiting the updater and starting over.
-Reports come in that it may be a mistake if you choose not to do a factory reset. I know it's a hassle to change all your settings back to where you had them, but it's worth it for best enjoyment of a properly settled new firmware. Not neccessary for only a camera database update.

I hope this helps some of you out.

New March 31, 2021:
Step by step in pictures to download and extract firmware update. (Windows 10)

Step 1: Click on the firmware zipped folder download in the first post here:

InkedStep 1_LI.jpg

Step 2: Left Click on the little up arrow in the download notice box.
InkedStep 2_LI.jpg

Step 3: How I would do it, left click "Show in Folder"
InkedStep 3_LI.jpg

Step 4: Now it will show you the folder it saved to, it will have a zipper symbol on the folder, we are trying to get rid of that.
Right click on the folder you see highlighted here, then left click on the Extract All... option
InkedStep 4_LI.jpg

Step 5: Now you want to choose where to save your unzipped R7 firmware to be used in the update, select the Browse button...
InkedStep 5_LI.jpg

Step 6: You will select a place in your computer where you want to save all your R7 stuff. I click on Documents, and a file I created called R7, but you can just save it in documents in any folder you like or not even have a folder other than in documents...
See the folder I highlighted (R7) also appears by the arrow at the bottom near Folder: That is where it will be saved and you will look for it there later.
Now press select folder...
InkedStep 6_LI.jpg

Step 7: You should see the location you picked in this destination box (I blacked out my name), then left click Extract.
InkedStep 7_LI.jpg

Step 8: Now my computer popped up to the folder I extracted it to, and this is what I got, the .bin file that I have the arrow pointed to is your extracted firmware/database update ready for loading to R7.
InkedStep 8_LI.jpg

Step 9: Now is when you can plug in your R7 (or after loading this), we want open your Uniden R Series updater, so double left click your shortcut on the desktop view that loaded when you installed the updater (ignore my version number, I'm messing around with other stuff)
When your updater is open, click on OPEN in the Download file section...
InkedStep 9_LI.jpg

Step 10: Your updater will have a pop up appear that you have to go to where you saved the unzipped .bin file in your documents, see here I navigate to is by clicking documents, then R7 then click on the .bin file. You should see 1- Where the file location is you saved the file to, 2- left click the .bin file to highlight it, 3- see that it has been chosen down in the file name box, 4- Left click on the OPEN box
InkedStep 10_LI.jpg

Step 11:
Confirm the right .bin file name is in the box I circled in the updater.

Now simply connect the R7, see that it appears in the top half of Updater and says connected, check the recovery mode box, then click the start download button.

Failed to Update??
Usually just follow the prompts to unplug the R7 and re-plug it back in, and hit start download again. Try 3-5 times to do this before giving up and trying different things, like turn off recovery mode, or restarting the updater and reloading firmware.

I have 1 R7 that works perfect every time, the other takes 3-5 tries every time.
Good Luck.
InkedStep 11_LI.jpg
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