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Apr 28, 2016
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Soooo, just found my older than dirt Solo 5 from miscellaneous stash, so I was wondering how does the trade in program work. Do they send you a return box and then sometime in the future they refund the amount?

I'm looking at either Max 360c or RL 360c, and as far as I figured, they'd give $80.00 for the old chirp box. I tried it just to see if my memories of I-95 were as bad as I remembered, the sucker would not stop chirping for 30 seconds on my way to Miami from Palm Beach. Tech has really gone forward on RD's.
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Oct 26, 2013
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I've had them provide a shipping label in the past, but no box. You can use the new RD's shipping box after you have received it.
You should call for a definitive answer on what they are doing these days. While you should apply for a trade-in at order time, it is normally best to mail the trade-in near the 30 day new-RD trial period end in case you decide to return it to avoid any issue with your trade-in already having been processed. They can answer all of that for you since the logistics of the program may change from time to time, especially during the past year. When you call, ask if they have any special promos like a gold package available for no charge. Many time they do have things that they may toss in that you would not get if you just ordered from the web.

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Feb 19, 2020
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I traded my Solo when I purchased RL360c for $80, work well. Just used outer box that came with the new detector. Sent it in with the form. Smooth and easy transition.


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Feb 3, 2021
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I did the trade in for my new RL360c month and a half ago.
When you place your order online at Escort there's a place to note that you're taking advantage of the trade-in program when you check out.
Then when you're new detector comes in there's a form in the box that you fill it out and then you ship your old detector back to them and put the RMA number on the outside of the box.
Escort does not provide any shipping label so you have to pay for your own shipping and I just found a small box and I made sure I sent it USPS priority Mail with tracking that way I'd have notification when they received it.
From the day I shipped to the day the refund showed back up on my credit card was less than 3 weeks!
I was pretty impressed!!
Just to make sure of everything I put a copy of my new purchase invoice with the serial number of the new unit as well as the form they requested to fill out with the make model and serial number of the old unit and sent both papers those in the box.

Go for it it's definitely worth it! 👍😁🤑🤑

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