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Dec 18, 2020
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Hi All,

Planning on bringing in my vehicle for an ALP install once my unit arrives, was quoted at 4-5 hours at $100 an hour, maybe less. I'm collecting information to present to the installer prior to him starting, in an effort to speed up the process. I'm going to give it an attempt myself to do the install, but may end up going with a professional.

Can you all review my notes below, and let me know if there's anything else that should be included?


Alp install notes​

Ask tech to document where the diffuser was fully installed through, with pictures if possible. Need relatively easy access for software updates to unit.

Standard heads at corners of each bumper in grill, TX head above plate if possible

Friend provided 3D printed housing for ALPriority and gear (except speaker, needs independent install spot), prefer this to be *somewhere* in passenger footwell, depending on given space.

To save time, may be easier to run all cables from engine bay through either front wheel well, see below video. Want to avoid drilling directly through firewall if possible, for longevity’s sake.

FYI I already have a few things/wires half-assed ran in the passenger footwell, apologies if this ends up being inconvenient. All existing wires are ran up weather seal trim on both sides of the car, left side is a flat ethernet cable for Comma 2 Power, right is power for Dash Cam and Flat RJ-11 Cable for Radar Detector, none are tapped into fuse box at this time.

Lots of extra cable is tucked into the headboard, its messy.

Alp does not need always-on power, was recommended to tap into Radio Fuse if unable to find 12v switch power. Please advise if alternative can be used, I plan on installing a custom head unit, may not arrive until after this appointment.

(You need to be at an absurd angle to actually see the passenger footwell fuse box, floor should be very clean underneath the weathertech floor mats)

Preferred Control Unit install locations​

Open to recommendations on the notification LED, I've seen it center of dash flush with the window, as well as above steering wheel / near gauge cluster

Control unit, either somewhere in the center console that looks nice, or in the far left of the car stuck over the button expansion slots, as one could be popped out to run the cable

Speaker wherever you can fit it that it’s still heard, speaker is *loud*.

Everything else can be contained in 3D printed housing, mentioned above.

Links for Installer:​

VortexRadar User-Friendly Install Guide:

ALPriority Owners Manual/Install Guide (will print):

How To Remove Corolla Front Bumper (Start at 1 minute 20 into Video): <video link>

Gasket in wheel well location (Start at 7 minutes into Video): <video link>

<image of fuse box diagram>


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