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Mar 3, 2021
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What kind of vehicle you have?
2019 Buick Enclave

Do you want a remote mount or windshield mount detector?

What's your budget?

Where do you live and where do you primarily drive?
Chicagoland area but want mainly for longer drives (Illinois to Florida soon)

How do you drive?
Typically 10-15 MPH over the limit but typically top out around 75-80 MPH

What is your daily drive like?
Not getting radar for daily driving (suburban driving and don't need it)

How long you have been using countermeasures, if at all?

What is the terrain like where you normally drive?
Don't know

Are there red light and/or speed cams in your area?
Getting mainly for Highway Driving

Do you need / prefer a GPS enabled unit?

Are you willing/do you want to use your phone to pair with the RD?

What kind of device do you own or would use for your detector?

Do you face MRCD and/or MRCT in your area?

If you have any preconceived notions or thoughts about RDs, please tell us how long you've been using RDs or other units? etc. -- or any other relevant info you think might be important, let us know that as well.

I'm looking to get this device for our upcoming drive from Illinois to Florida. Assuming it works well I would then want it for occasional drives from Chicago to Northern Wisconsin. From reading this forum been mainly considering Uniden R3 vs. R7 vs. Escort Max 360. I'm trying to understand the importance of "arrows" to decide if the R3 will cut it. I understand that it tells where the radar is coming from but why does that matter? Don't most people just jam the brakes as soon as the device starts beeping? Also regarding pairing a phone, again why is that important? What additional features do you get from pairing a phone and are you then not able to use the phone when it is paired? Thanks.
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