Radar Detector Recommendation for Grandy745


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Jan 26, 2021
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What kind of vehicle you have?
2015 Mazda cx9 grand touring

Do you want a remote mount or windshield mount detector?
Windshield, Remote Mount

What's your budget?

Where do you live and where do you primarily drive?
Pensacola, FL. Mostly interstate to and from work. However, it is when I travel that I end up with a speeding ticket. And typically somewhere in Alabama is where I happen to be when I get pulled over

How do you drive?
I am more of a speed demon, adrenaline junkie.

What is your daily drive like?
20 minute commute, mostly interstate. I live in a more rural/country area, but it is still just a 7 minute drive to the interstate.

How long you have been using countermeasures, if at all?
I have never owned an RD, I always just try to look ahead, lol

What is the terrain like where you normally drive?
Fairly flat, but again, I need it more for travel.

Are there red light and/or speed cams in your area?

Do you need / prefer a GPS enabled unit?

Are you willing/do you want to use your phone to pair with the RD?

What kind of device do you own or would use for your detector?

Do you face MRCD and/or MRCT in your area?

If you have any preconceived notions or thoughts about RDs, please tell us how long you've been using RDs or other units? etc. -- or any other relevant info you think might be important, let us know that as well.
I do not have much experience with RDs. Like I said, I need it mostly for travel as I am in areas I'm not familiar with and do not know the speed trap areas.It is usually as I am coming over a hill that I get busted.

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Apr 2, 2020
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First, the answer that checks all your boxes: Uniden DFR7. Under $200, has GPS, is a solid detector although it does not have the very latest and greatest in terms of range or false-alert filtering. Still solid, especially given the primarily flat terrain you see (hills/curves cut down detection range, making long range more important.)

Now thinking outside the box a little bit:
Uniden R3 pushes the budget up a bit, currently $265 on amazon. But it has outstanding range, only a little behind the best in the business. Still has GPS, and better filtering, so it should be as quiet or even quieter despite the greater sensitivity.

Uniden R1: no GPS. But a lot of the benefit of GPS in a detector is to have low-speed muting, which is more relevant in the city. Or marking known false locations, which isn't relevant when you're in unfamiliar territory. The R1 gives you all the good performance and improved filtering of the R3, but at a lower price. You can get it under 200 refurbished, or a little over brand new.

Slicing even finer, the Uniden DFR9 is an upgrade from the DFR7 but below the R series. Though that's still over $200 new, so if $200 is a hard cap then it's out (unless buying used) and if there's a little wiggle room, you may as well step it up and get truly excellent performance with the R series.

$200 is definitely a little tight for an RD budget, but all of the above are solid options that should help you avoid a lot of the roadside revenue collection.


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Dec 16, 2014
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suburban Boston
Grandy, welcome aboard!! I, too, worry about your stated budget for a starter. Can you carry your lunch with you for a month and fatten up that detector expenditure a bit? Can we find a used Uniden R3 within that budget? Was there an inexpensive Whistler unit that people liked??

While I have no current travel experience in FL or AL, I think folks here will wisely recommend something to defend against lidar as part of a more comprehensive defense.
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Dec 31, 2016
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Welcome Grandy745 :)

You should be able to get something that will do the trick for around that budget. Since the terrain in the south is generally pretty flat you will get good range from a mid-range detector. I would recommend looking at the Uniden DFR9 ($225 on amazon) as a good place to start. You can also pick up the Uniden R1 for about $250 (though it does go on sale for less), it has top notch range, but does lack GPS which is useful at quieting down false alerts around town and when you are in heavy slow traffic. I would also suggest app's like Waze if you don't already use it, and if you have andriod you can use something like highwayradar which gives you longer alerts pulled from waze, as well as enforcement heatmaps for commonly enforce areas and aircraft alerts for nearby police aircraft which can be used for speed enforcement in FL.


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May 10, 2018
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@Grandy745 , @Signal Environment provided a great description of different Uniden models that are all very good to excellent performers. I agree with @nomore55 , that if you can stretch your budget, the Uniden R3 would be my recommendation for a great detector with GPS.

The Uniden DFR9 is a notch below the R3, but it offers very good performance at a lower price point with GPS. I would avoid Whistler radar detectors with GPS as the Uniden line up is much better IMO.

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