RL360c v1.6 - Reactivity Testing - K & Ka Band


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May 23, 2015
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@westwind77 , @Vortex et al. I have a new theory regarding the reaction time. I did some more testing today doing multiple runs against a 34.7 source. It appears a LOT of the magic they have done in 1.6 with the reaction time is tied to "Ka" being turned 'off' vs 'on.' It's almost like that is acting like a toggle for an RDR ON/OFF type switch. I found if I toggled off KA it really didn't matter how many segs I had enabled. It gave me basically the same range. I even turned on ALL 10 segs and was getting the same range as if 2,5,8 were the only ones enabled as long as "Ka" was OFF. The moment I toggled "Ka" on, it reduced the range. If you could prove it out with your bench testing that would be awesome! Just toggle Ka off and on and see how much of a gain you get.

Previous Ka reactivity testing with Vortex's RL360 (fw 1.3) that I did showed no real difference between Ka "Wide" (i.e., Ka on) and Ka off, but segmented 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10. Will be interesting to try that again to test your hypothesis.


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Dec 7, 2016
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I will say even though I did not see a change with the Bushnell in testing with reaction time between the two versions there is definitely a noticeable difference in the real world with K-false alerts and K-band speed signs. Over the last couple days I have noticed the RL picking up these alerts a fair bit sooner than usual and doing so in a very nice linear way vs the later almost max alert it was exhibiting with the prior firmware.

One of these is a speed sign around a turn, typically it would wait until I was almost done exiting the turn before it would alert, and at a strong level, now with v1.6 it ramps up slowly about halfway though the turn. It goes along the lines of the extra distance that was shown with Ka on the Firehouse Course.


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Jan 20, 2021
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@westwind77 - I think it would be a worthwhile test. I totally agree with you about 2/4/5/6/8 (that's how I run). What got me curious was your findings that 2/5/8 wasn't much faster. It got me to thinking maybe they did something more 'global' that may have wide reacting nearly as fast as the segs now? I think it would be worthwhile? Thoughts?

i’m interested to see the results of this too.
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I duplicated my prior testing tonight on the RL360c against the Max360 focusing on reactivity to K and Ka band....

RL360c Settings
Highway, TSR Off, X Off, K On, Ka 2/4/5/6/8, MCRT/D Off, K-Notch Off

Max360 Settings
Highway, TSR Off, X Off, MRCT/D Off, K-Notch Off

K-band Reactivity Test - Bushnell

As you can see, from what I can tell, there was be no improvement to K-band reactivity. The Max360 wins every single time, no contest. You can see on the longer trigger pulls the additional time it takes the RL360c to react. I was really hoping to see an improvement in this area, but my testing does not show any. The same response times are able to be duplicated with the Max 360 off as well so interference is not the issue.

Ka-Band Reactivity Test - Stalker

Escort said they made improvement to the reactivity of the unit, since I did not notice any on K I was crossing my fingers they would be noticeable on Ka....which they are. Escort did indeed manage to squeak out a bit more reactivity from the RL360c. Prior testing showed the RL about dead even with the M360 on 2/5/8, however when 4/6 were added the RL reaction time noticeably increased and the Max 360 beat it every time without a sweat with no reaction from the RL. With the new v1.6 firmware, and 4/6 enabled, you can see the RL360c and Max360 are about dead even. At times the RL will alert and the M360 will miss it or the other way around, or at times they both alerts simultaneously. All of these are with short/fast trigger pulls. So, indeed Escort did manage to do as they said, but only with Ka, not K band it seems.

I also tested the RL on 2/5/8 figuring it would tie or beat the M360 every time, however the performance was similar to 4/6 being added, so not a huge gain there is seems, but I'm sure a bit that I can't measure. I know a prior test course showed a decent distance increase between the two versions.

I then did a few tests with Ka being C/O and triggering K band C/O, both units performed flawlessly and picked up the 2nd signal with no issues.

I reversed it and held K C/O and then briefly triggered Ka a few times, both units had no issue seeing through the C/O K band and quickly alerting to the Ka threat.

I know there were more improvements to the RL than just the reactivity so that is good as well, just have not had time to 'real world' test those aspects yet. I would like to thank Escort for listening to their customer base and working on these updates and making progress during these difficult Covid times.

The Ka improvements are a very welcome addition, however, for someone like me who lives in a town that only uses K-band this update left me wanting more.

I really do hope that Escort can significantly improve their K-band response time on the RL360c. I know it took a fair bit of time to dial in the Max360 series, it performs incredible now, hopefully they can put their focus on K-band next with the RL and bring it up to the same performance.

As they say this is just one test....feel free to do your own and/or look at other testing results to gain a sense of a pattern.
the M360 is a dialed in BOSS after all the software tweaks... BSM too
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