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Jan 1, 2021
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Hey, I just want to post this for anyone in the future who may be looking.

I recently tried to Mirror tap a Uniden R7 (Direct power it from my Rear View Mirror)

On a 2018 Toyota Rav4.

(I should have taken pictures but I didn't. If anyone wants it, I can go out and take some pics)

But I just want to save someone else the time and trouble. I had to go out and buy a multimeter and troubleshoot this on my own.

once you take down the rear view mirror and the black cover. (Just push in and pull down on the black cover to take it off. To put it back on: push in and up)
(The rear view mirror is screwed in to the windshield - phillips head. once unscrewed just slide the rear view mirror up and off its housing )
There is a 10 pin wire connector on the right side and a 2 pin on the left - underneath the black cover (You want to use the 10 pin, on the right to Mirror tap)

To Mirror Tap the Red wire is the power. And there is also a White and Black wire, this is your ground.

I was never able to get my mirror tap to work.
So i just went with a fuse box wire tap.

Like I said I just wanted to write this up for a future somebody.

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