Take this into account when conduct radar tests


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Nov 12, 2011
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I just found something interesting when making indoor tests. Depending on type of "radar" you have, you can have mixed results....
In my case i use a DIY K band source, not a real radar. (Your Bushnell for example will act similar to this...I think). My radar did not have that HOLD ON function like real radars...
I take 2 escort passport x50, one Euro and one INTL version. On INTL version i can toggle K3 off which means 24,175-24,250 off. On Euro model i cannot do that.
I set my radar to 24,150 Ghz, but when i push the trigger there is a "rising" time for that gunn diode to rich 24,150Ghz..It will start to spill somewhere on upper part of K band around 24,250Ghz and 50-100 msec later will get down to adjusted frequency 24,150 in this case...

So testing QT or IO reaction time i get mixed results but not accurate...If I left both detectors with full K band "ON", INTL version is faster, but when i set it to "K3 off" (which is right settings here for those BSM junk) it will be slower...That not means that is slower on 24,150...The euro version will get and alert for that upper K band part sooner...
IF i will test it with real radar that can "spill" only 24,150, it will remain faster...
I think you get my point here.

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