Highway Radar vs JBV1 Standalone?


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Sep 11, 2020
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Okay so a few thoughts about this after running both. (and oops, apparently you're not supposed to do that...)

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Both apps worked great overlaying onto Google Maps and doing a better job than Waze at alerting to CSA's. They'd give me longer alert distances, more audible info about the alert, and filter out alerts (falses) where the officer is less likely to be there.

I'm definitely more comfortable with JBV1 since I've been using it longer. Its alerts do a great job of getting my attention visually. It can flash the screen as I approach and give me bright red or blue overlays right on top of Google Maps. It worked great and I really liked it.

I liked how HR can do a good job of continuing to alert you as you get closer. I also really liked its CSA list overlay so I can see at a glance if there's a bunch of officers around or if things are pretty empty around me.

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I found it confusing that HR's audio alerts (the beeper) didn't always happen. I see now that it uses low speed muting (PSL +5) for the beeper. I thought it was solely for alerting for high priority alerts, not just when I'm driving faster.

I see that the beeper requires 4 dots for the threat level or more and I'm not entirely sure what the criteria is for the threat levels.

I've set my settings to ALWAYS alert for speed camera regardless of my speed.

This is the primary reason I switched out of Daze because the speed camera alerts were not consistent. I want to ALWAYS know about speed cameras regardless of my speed. For example, traffic might come to a standstill in your lane and you get a break to accelerate to another lane so if you don't know about the presence of a speed camera, it can catch you as soon as you change lanes and accelerate just a bit.

I love how customizable Highway Radar is and how thoughtful I found the "default" alert settings.

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