New Action Cam for Motorcycle and RD Testing

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Jun 7, 2019
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Prince George, B.C. Canada
I picked up another action camera from Amazon recently because I broke my latch on my previous Amazon cheap action cam.
New one is a CamPark with 4K blah blah, TOUCH screen, front LCD display, all mounting accessories, etc. Sale price was $65 CDN, $40 off lightning sale.
Previous one is actually the same camera with less features. Many of these cheap action cams are simply the same camera rebranded.
I was hoping for an improvement in picture quality and sound, picture is probably the same but sound on the new one comes through riding my bike with lots of garbage.
Makes my nice bike sound like it's falling apart as I go faster.
I think this is wind noise interference even though I'm using a waterproof case.
Perhaps some scotch tape over the microphone to dampen noise?
Anyways, check out the video.
Thoughts on quality and for use to display testing detectors on the bike?
Detector alert sounds will be problematic to pick up.
Loud bike and wind noise, no detector sound wired into microphone.
The best place for the camera is mounted to the rider for the most isolation from bike vibrations and road impacts.
Mounted on helmet allows view of where rider is looking.

Video shows an annoying CN Rail cop that we have here. Every other day we dodge these renta-cops.
They can ticket you anywhere as a peace officer, like our CVSE (DOT), but tend to patroll roads and highways next to railways like in this video.
Lots of land owned by railroads in the country and they get their private police force to generate revenue.
50 kph PSL on a 4 lane straight road (1st Ave.) that is 4.7 km long. They hide behind buildings and vehicles along here with I/O K and Ka.
The street is polluted with K signals from trains and buildings, plus a speed sign right now for paving at far end.

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Does anyone know why the first 11 seconds of every YouTube video is blurry before it clears up?
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