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Apr 12, 2020
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Hi Everyone - I wanted to share my setup...hopefully this helps someone.

Cardo Packtalk Bold <-> Android S10 (JBV1, Waze, Spotify, etc) <- V1G2

2017 Ninja 650

RAM MOUNT RAM-B-176-A-UN7 Fork Stem Mount with Short Double Socket Arm and Universal X-Grip Holder
RAM MOUNT RAM-B-174-300-1U Brake Clutch Bike Mount with Power Plate Holder
On the install, I swapped the RAM double socket arms around, so the fork stem for the V1G2 has the medium length arm.

Phone is powered off an added USB charger.
V1G2 is hardwired off the same switched wiring as the USB charger.

For power, the bike comes equipped with a plug in the plastic so a charger can be easily added and two disconnected accessory wires are conveniently located next to the plug. I purchased a cheap charger for the phone that includes a volt meter for like $10 on Amazon. The specific one is "MICTUNING Dual USB Charger Socket 2.1A with Digital Voltmeter Blue". Surprisingly, the voltmeter is accurate and it can support the fast charging on the S10 phone...verified with a USB tester. Instead of buying the Kawasaki wiring harness to connect the USB charger, I constructed my own which includes a feed to the V1G2. I then fished the V1G2 power cord along with the factory wiring up the fork stem to the RD. In the future, I'll get a better quality and shorter USB cable to replace the one in the pic which is coiled and zip tied.

I chose the clutch lever install for the phone mount and noticed when the handlebars were fully turned, the bracket stood out enough to just barely rub the black plastic. I solved that problem the easy way, with a dremel to shave off a bit of the bracket at the corner and provide enough clearance. If you look closely in the picture you can see the bottom right edge of the bracket is not black...I might touch it up with black paint later.

I've tested this install pretty well through some nice clear straights and also the twisties and everything has held up! I was a bit skeptical of the RAM Power Plate being strong enough to hold the RD, but have had no issues. The magnetic plate at the bottom of the RD is barely noticeable, if at all, when I move the RD to my car which is also nice. JBV1 is phenomenal (THANK YOU @johnboy00 ) and cuts right into my music or whatever audio I have playing at the time so I never miss alerts inside my helmet. I was looking at the various LED installs for alerts and having the chirps is just superior for me. Combined with the range of the V1G2 and the type of riding I do, the cost of this setup is easily justifiable. Other notes, the gear doesn't get in the way when I lean forward and tuck and the phone mount angles the phone up a bit (you can see the angle of the mount in the pic) so it's not flat, making it easier to view when needed.

Now just waiting on @Jag42 to release the TMG Moto Jammers and I'll be set.

And special thanks to @BMW rider for his help here and on another forum.




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