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Jun 25, 2020
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Valentine Enthusiast since day 1. Driving a 2018 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport and love it!
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I spoke directly with Mike Valentine today about the very peculiar issue in the Gen 2. Today I sent him the letter below:

Mike Valentine, CEO
Valentine Research
10290 Alliance Rd.
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Dear Mike;

It was an unexpected pleasure when you picked up the phone today. Speaking to ‘The Rush Limbaugh’ of the Radar Detector world was a sincere pleasure!

First things first…. Love your new web site. Love your new phone answering system. Today I went through 11 readings of “This is Mike and we’re sorry you are on hold.” Far too many for less tenacious customers. Additionally, I sent notice of this issue to Valentine Research 4 times via Email. No acknowledgments and no response, hence my call today.

As I mentioned today, I bought my first Valentine One right when they came on the market. Currently I run a Valentine One and a Valentine Gen 2. It is the Gen 2 we spoke of today.

When I bought my 2018 Infiniti Q60 Red Sport, I tore the interior apart investing 6-8 hours, running the switched 4 conductor wire with RJ-11 terminations, to activate the V1 upon start-up. It worked great every time, lighting up and staying on. Then, I decided to send my V1 in for updates and was returned a Gen 2. Great…. I thought.

The Gen 2 had the same RJ-11 connector, so I just put it at the top of my wind screen and expected it to light up with a switched plug. As you and I know, it does not. The Gen 2 blinks on and then goes dead. I have to manually press the power button to get it to come alive. James suggested exchanging the wire with the Valentine black supplied cable. I tried that with plugging the Valentine cable into the cigar lighter and using it’s switched capabilities. It did just what it was supposed to do, switching on the Gen 2 with the activation of the automobile.

WE both know of a fix BUT I am not ready to tear my car apart again, nor do I think I should have in order to compensate for a design foible that Valentine Research obviously overlooked.

All this being said, I frequently forget to turn on the Gen 2 and look up and see it’s dead. So far, no tickets, but when I get one, you may be sure I will be thinking of you.

You indicated Valentine Research was aware of the issue and was pursuing a firmware or electronic modification.

I am tempted to request a return of the Gen 2, but I am a loyal and enthusiastic long-time Valentine Research customer. At this point in time, I am taking you at your word and eagerly anticipating a NO-CHARGE update for this issue.

One other minor thing of note are the volume buttons on top of the unit. When hugging the top of the wind screen, getting to those buttons is exceedingly difficult. If they were on the side, like a phone, the volume controls would be accessible. Perhaps on the Gen 3.

Thanks for your sincere interest and your time. I will be looking to hear from you with the results of your findings.

As always, please have a GREAT Day and best wishes,

Dr. Ronald Johnson
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Sep 28, 2019
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Welcome! I see very little Q60’s on the road, let alone a red sport! Very nice looking car.

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