My travels North (Va to ME and back)


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Dec 31, 2017
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So I decided to take a 28ish hour stroll north to Maine. Took the I-95 north, I-81, I-88, several State Routes, and near finish on 202, then returned on I-95, Rt 40. Back to I-95, and roads to bypass Tolls as possible. When taking the first route, it was Terrain of Mountains/Hills that could give a detector and driver a challenge to many ways….. early alerts vs long drive and driver aware (and fatigue running solo). Returning was to cut that time, and return sooner… thought would have been nice to replicate.

I was setup with TMG, with VPR front/Rear Dual with VPR as well, V1G2 (JBV1) and R7 north, then V1G2 (JBV1) and V1G1. Running with my north setup, within 30 mins was hit with a PL series (3/4 unit), threw heavy tint, surprising that it was. I did have a rabbit in front, and only the TMG alerted, not V1G2 nor R7, plus not sure if I was any target, since the distance at 35-40mph @ roughly 200ft… as the officer could have been satisfied with the rabbit’s speed.

Continuing north, the V1G2 gave the R7 a hard challenge, as nearly every encounter, the V1G2 on Ka (All bands) alerted earlier… times 2 secs- about 10secs. Returning, with the V1G2 vs V1G1, every time the Gen2 did alert early on K and Ka, but not by too much. When comparing the two scenarios, one to one on even grounds were good, but with different terrain, that can make the comparative difference…. Be nice to run more than needed to see a difference. I came across 35.5 and 34.7 north, and 33.8 and 34.7 south.

In near all scenarios, the V1G2 alerted sooner, and was quieter than both the R7 and the V1G1. Pretty much the R7 and the V1G1 were equal in the presenting of BSM vs Radar vs other…. Now, I will say the R7 is and should provide early detection over the V1G1. On an open road with the Gen1, I was able to receive early warning enough to slow… its that terrain challenge I wish I was able to compare on the others. North, there was one major challenge the V1G2 was able to alert (need to find video), that the R7 alerted only with the LEO was stepped on, lucky was firing in travel of.

So, the reason for this post, the V1G2 is a beast on Front and especially rear, but don’t rule out that old V1G1 on the open road (Instant-On might kill ya), but nice to see that increase on Ka band and some K band with BSM quieter ride between the Gen2 to Gen1. As for the R7, waiting on the next FW release I hear has said to show promise, only waiting to see what it can do…. But Ka, the R7 you thought was king, well a proper working V1G2 will open your eyes even more. Crazy when you see the Redline get hit by the R3/R1, then the R7 comes, here the V1G2 adds even more.

One thing to mention, the ramp on the Gen2 vs Gen1, needs to be addressed. The Gen1 ramps better, as well as the Night drive is also better on the Gen1 to limit the brightness of the detector in dim light.
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