Cobra Road Scout - Initial Thoughts and Issues


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May 30, 2020
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Saint Cloud, FL
Hey all,

Long time RD user but just purchased and installed a Road Scout yesterday.

My reason for purchasing this unit was that I was very much interested in a dash cam and radar combo and kept coming back to the Road Scout as the most compact all-in-one unit that has decent RD functionality.

Installation was fast in my 07 Lexus IS 250. I opted for a Blendmount RV mirror setup and hardwired to my RV mirror power harness using an inexpensive mirror tap kit from Amazon. The whole thing took maybe 30-45 mins tops.

So far so good, loving things thus far.

The settings and programming of the Road Scout are pretty straight forward and I didn't really have any issues there.

This is where things took a turn:

1. The iRadar app seems out of date, maybe its because it is not optimized for my iPhone 11 Pro Max screen, but it just looks and seems clunky.

2. I am experiencing inconsistent Bluetooth connectivity between the RS and my iPhone. Sometimes it will connect to my phone when the car is started, other times the only way to connect is to remove the RS from both the iRadar app as well as Bluetooth settings on my iPhone. This is unfortunate and not ideal to have to deal with EVERY time I get in the car to go anywhere.

3. The Wifi setup through the iRadar app is not good at all. There are no list of networks shown, rather the iRadar app shows only one wifi network, and this happens to be the the wifi in my house. I am wanting, and was under the impression, that I could connect the RS to my iPhone via my iPhone's hotspot feature as once I back out of the driveway, connecting to my house will be useless. So far, I have not found a way to do this. I do have an older iPhone that is not activated on a cellular network/no sim card that I am going to play with and see if I can connect that older iPhone to my current iPhone 11 Pro Max through the hotspot and then see if by loading iRadar on the old phone if it will let me select my current iPhone 11 Pro Max hotspot as it's wifi network. In theory this should work, but it really shouldn't be necessary and not everyone may have the means to do this.

4. Everything I've read online, including the RS user manual, states that once the RS has wifi internet access, it should prompt to update the firmware, if available. My RS arrived with RScoutR04 and from what I've seen, RScoutR05 is available. My RS does not prompt to update the firmware. Furthermore, when I go through the menu and select to update manually, I am presented with "No Update Available" on the RS screen. Also, there is no option to update the firmware through the app and haven't found manual firmware files anywhere online to attempt to upload through the PC link option.

5. The Drive HD app is just awful, slow, clunky, unreliable. Once I connected my iPhone to the RS wifi network, the app took forever to show me the live feed from my RS. Also, reviewing and playing back videos from the RS was slow, choppy, and just terrible. My iPhone sits in a windshield mount that is maybe 1ft away from where the RS is mounted under my RV mirror. It finally got to the point where all I received were "Time out" and "Unauthorized Connection" warnings/errors. This is just sad.

I want very much to love the Road Scout. It is the exact idea/product that I am looking for to combine RD/DC functionality and with my mounting/wiring setup, has cleaned up my windshield mounted equipment and wiring setup, however, if these issues cannot be resolved then it may have to be returned to Amazon which will be very sad, but for this much investment (just over $600 combined for the RS, Blendmount, and mirror tap) then this should be near perfect.

Hoping someone may be able to assist and be able to shed some light on any of these issues.


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May 30, 2013
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It is an interesting concept but not if it doesn't work well. Vortex review on this unit during his recent road trip wasn't too positive.


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Jul 19, 2012
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FWIW, I’ve had similar issues with the apps as well. I thought maybe it was just me so it’s reassuring in a way to hear that you’re seeing that too. Not good for the RS though.

I think the performance and BSM filtering is okay (still gotta test it more) and the added dashcam and WiFi are nice conveniences, but regardless it’s not a smooth user experience.

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