uniden r7

  1. R

    How is the Uniden R7 for Edmonton?

    I was just wondering how good the Uniden R7 works in Edmonton and does it detect laser pretty good too like the cops standing outside their vehicles?
  2. Maz3

    SOLVED: Running an R7 in the BSM Beast - Mazda CX-5

    Running an Uniden R7 in a Mazda CX-5 with it's BSM's is a test of one's sanity, and marriage, if you're in an area where K band is used for radar. The issue appears to be the rear BSM system that continuously spews 24.123/4 GHz, and in my case with firmware 1.35 turning K down to 30%, Rear to...
  3. R

    Uniden R7 Update issues

    Hello all, so I ordered new cables to try and update my Uniden r7 and it still will not read the device in the update manager. Somebody mentioned a mono price cable on Amazon, ordered that, ordered the wrong head, it was the larger of the mini usb, so I ordered a new one at 6ft, now I’m...
  4. R

    Uniden R7 Update Issues

    I just picked up an R7 off of amazon a little over a week ago, saw there was a newer software avaible, checked mine and it was in fact outdated. I downloaded the manager and everything seemed to be working fine, except it will not read the current version when I connect the detector to my mac. I...
  5. Johnnewburg

    Recenty got the Uniden R7. Should I be safe and stick with Ka Wide, Narrow, or use Ka Segmentation? I live in North Carolina.

    I'm very aware that NC LEOs love to use I/O Radar. My car is very attractive and I'm sure seeing a bright blue color will give them a second look, so having the best range possible is a must. To play safe I got the best of the best, the Uniden R7. I had the R3, but because of the price drop...
  6. Grumpy Finn

    My ALP arrived Yesterday, but...

    I still have the itch to buy a new RD. I have the original Max360 now on the windshield, and I'm perfectly, almost, happy with it. It keeps cutting my BT internet radio off every minute or so, so I figured maybe it's time to buy something a bit newer. The RL360 is out of stock anywhere near me...
  7. Z

    Mirror Tap 2018 Toyota Rav4 XLE

    Hey, I just want to post this for anyone in the future who may be looking. I recently tried to Mirror tap a Uniden R7 (Direct power it from my Rear View Mirror) On a 2018 Toyota Rav4. (I should have taken pictures but I didn't. If anyone wants it, I can go out and take some pics) But I just...
  8. J

    Uniden R7, 6 months old, power issue, sent into Uniden for repair

    Just want to share my experience with my R7 after 7 months of ownership... Purchased for $480 from Best Buy June, 2020 and I always kept it in the case when not in use since I live in San Diego and was afraid the hot sun would damage the unit as it does to all plastic things over time. - from...
  9. R

    Radar suggestion for Vancouver and BC in general

    Hey guys, new member here looking for a radar suggestion for Vancouver Torn between V1 gen2 and R7, used to have the V1 gen1 back in europe and it was great! so can't decide what to get now also, any place that can professionally install it? Help!!! :)
  10. hawkeye1680

    MRCD/MRCT in Missouri?

    Are any of my fellow Missourians seeing any MRCD/MRCT hits? By what I look up, it is being used in Illinois. With me being in STL, I'm wondering if I should turn on MRCD detection?
  11. J

    Laser Detection

    NYC Whitestone Bridge in The Bronx side, state trooper patroling the bridge was giving off laser detection on my R7. I normally get ka band but this morning around 9:35 ish am, laser detection was being alerted. anybody else know or knew about this?
  12. CubexG

    Woot has Uniden Detectors on Sale today

    So just letting everyone know - Woot has the R7 and DFR9 at $347.99 and $157.99 respectively on sale today. Both are refrubs. Curious - I actually bought my R3 from Woot as a refurb and it still works great. Is it worth the upgrade to the R7 at this point? Or save my money for the next-gen...
  13. J


    Hello, I’m from Minneapolis, Minnesota. I have a Uniden r7 that I picked up after getting a ticket at 105mph. I’ve had it for around 6 months now and all I see is ka band. I’ve never seen an actual cop using k band here. I’m 17 and going to college for mechanical engineering. I have a huge...
  14. emeres

    R7 arrow flip sound/tone.

    What would be great if R7 would have some sort of arrow flip sound. I have mine installed above my rear view mirror and I constantly look at the radar to know when I passed my threat.
  15. Brainstorm69

    TXCTG - V1G2 v R7 v Falcon HR Low-powered K off-axis and through foliage 05-31-2020

    INTRO So while I still have @InsipidMonkey's Falcon HR, I decided to do some more testing of the V1G2 vs. R7 while I had some time yesterday afternoon. I used the wife's minvan as a radar minivan so I could make sure his gun was safely locked away. I wanted to test K in A Mode on the V1G2 vs...
  16. R

    Second guessing R7

    Hi, I’m brand new to the community and looking for some advice. I just purchased an R7 based on some of what I’ve seen here and over at @Vortex. However, after doing a little bit of more digging, I’m starting to doubt my initial choice seeing some of what the V1 gen2 can do. My daily drive...
  17. L4D44

    Best RD (w/ GPS) to Purchase in 2020?

    Haven’t used a RD for about 5 years (previously used V1, Redline, Magnum, Uniden LRD850). The old Uniden 850 is the only one I currently have. Sold the rest. I’m looking into getting back in the hobby. I’ve been out of the loop and haven’t kept up with any new advancements in RD technology...
  18. panopticon36

    My introduction

    I've been lurking the site for a couple of weeks now setting up my Uniden R7. I think that this site is an incredible resource and has been very helpful for me. I'm looking forward to getting to know the community better and enjoying some open roads. I work in IT day to day and I enjoy SQL and...
  19. OmniiOMEGA

    Newbie for 2020

    Hi All My names Jarrad and I’m new to the whole radar detector thing, I’ve been meaning to get one for all this time and considering getting the Uniden R7 from the US imported over to here in Australia, can I get the firmware from the US and the AUS Camera DB uploaded to it for ultimate unity...
  20. RadRunner

    New R7 possibly slow to alert or fail to detect?

    Just got an R7 to replace a long out of date RD. Took it for a drive yesterday and am definitely enjoying the reduced false alerts compared to my old detector, however there were at least 2 situations where I passed State Troopers, one hidden, one cruising, and received absolutely no alerts at...