uniden dfr7

  1. Googalslosh

    DFR7 trial runs in South Florida

    Hello! I recently got a DFR7 and have been using it around South Florida. Settings: X off K on Ka on Laser on Pop off K filter on Ka filter off K narrow Ka narrow TSF on RLC and SC off There are traffic sensors on basically every highway here (i95, i75, turnpike, palmetto, 836, etc) so I...
  2. G

    User mark on the DFR7

    So I’ve been having my radar since September last year, never update it (don’t even know if you can) use it daily, but all of the sudden I’ve been having this random user mark locations that I know I did not mark, I don’t have a problem with it I just want to know how this happened, my guess is...
  3. J

    New Uniden DFR7 Recommended Settings

    Hello, I just purchased a DFR7 and was wondering what people suggest having their settings at for the best possible protection, performance? These are the settings I have it currently set to atm (I'm based in TX): GPS: On Speed Camera: On Red Light Camera: On Voice: On X Band: Off K Band: On...