1. T

    Uniden R3 with Blendmount: 2013 Kia Rio (Videos attached)

    Here's my current setup: 2013 Kia Rio Uniden R3 Blendmount Mirror Mount (SKU & LINK: BNR-2001R) Mirror Tap Hardwire Kit from Amazon (LINK: HERE) The mirror mount with the Uniden installs and fits just fine in my car, I'm just kind of skeptical about the mirror tap from Amazon. Click here for a...
  2. YelloEye

    R7 on Blendmount in convertible

    So kinda a unique issue for those of us with convertibles is theft, or rather ease of theft. Normally if the weather is nice and I'm not going to be parked for 8hrs, I'll leave the top down. Longer than that it's up, but isn't made of a particularly burglar proof material. This leads to anything...
  3. R

    How is the Uniden R7 for Edmonton?

    I was just wondering how good the Uniden R7 works in Edmonton and does it detect laser pretty good too like the cops standing outside their vehicles?
  4. E

    How many countermeasures for Oklahoma and Texas

    I’m back to this forum after being inactive for some time. I want to install a Radar initially and possibly laser Jammers at later time. Based on what I have read so far the Radenso Pro M seems to be good option and is compatible with AL priority system. I’m also noticed that some folks run...
  5. D

    Just purchased a DFR8 - Issues Already

    Hello, new to the site - I finally received my dfr8 that I ordered last week in the mail today and after installing it in my car I plugged it in and it began the self test but when it goes to the very last test (being laser) ... It doesn't go into normal operating mode it's basically froze and...
  6. S

    Uniden DIY Hardwire kit

    I've recived my R3, about 2 days ago, but my hardwire kit is undeliverable, and they say i'll get my money back, hopefully. Then, i've started thinking if it is possible to make one myself. I've googled it, and this video came up I've done pretty much exactly what the dude explained there...
  7. S

    I just picked up a R1 what settings should I use?

    Hi there, I live in Auckland and picked up a cheap R1 because I have to replace the speaker but no biggy, but I haven't been abl to find a suitable forum of suggestions of what settings I should run on my R1, any guides of suggestions. Thanks
  8. S

    I just bought a R1 what settings are recommended?

    Hey everyone, I'm new here and just picked up my first radar and want to get the most out of it so came to find out about them. Thanks
  9. B

    Uniden R3 blown speaker solution

    Hello all I recently purchased a used uniden r3 radar detector on ebay for around $200, to my dismay when it arrived it had no sound unless i tapped on it, which indicated to me that either the speaker was blown or something was disconnected inside, looking online this is a super common issue...
  10. C

    Always been interested, just now joining!

    Bought a Uniden DFR6 awhile back and it has def paid itself off. Just trying to learn more about all of this stuff and trying to see what else is out there.
  11. C

    Uniden R3 vs Beltronics GT-360?

    Hi all, I find myself in possession of a new undien r3 and my two year old beltronics gt-360, after Christmas. Other than the arrows on the 360.which would you trust more based on performance /reliability ?
  12. Cobra Kai

    Making The Case For Cobra.

    Hello my esteemed acquaintances of RDForum, Despite my title, I am not advocating for all Cobra radar detectors. I am of the opinion that their lower end detectors such as the iRad, Rad 450, and Rad 480i are junk and testing results I have seen from other members in the past backs this up...
  13. J

    New to Uniden from sunny NM

    Hi, I have moved from my previous escort detectors to Uniden. I hope this was a good move. I want to buy a used R3, will I be able to install firmware and will the gps function even though I won’t register with Uniden? Thanks
  14. Euurx

    R7 To v1g2?

    I currently own a R7 and it's pretty decent. Would it be much of an upgrade to go to V1G2? I definitely am intrigued to the BSM falsing that is pretty solid from what I hear and a few other things. I'd also run the app of course If i went with the V1G2. I'm also curious to see what others have...
  15. Y

    Uniden R7 HUGE Delay?

    Hey guys, I've had my R7 since November and it's been working just fine. Pretty much every time it has alerted me in enough time to slow down and then some. However just tonight the R7 threw a Ka-Band AFTER I passed a LEO that pulled someone over (youtube link below). Is there a special reason...
  16. K


    Hello, I’m Cole from eastern N.C. I do a lot of highway travel for work and school and I’ve had a the MAX360 for about a year now maybe longer. It’s definitely helped with the gps digital speed display. I’ve noticed I drive much safer with it rather than without. I recently got a new smart cord...
  17. L

    Uniden R3 User

    I've used a variety of detectors over the years and have been using the R3 for about two years now. It's a great system and has saved me some significant grief and expense. (I live in the metro Oklahoma City area.)
  18. E

    LRD950 Issue

    I've had my LRD950 for over 4 years now and it's been a great detector for the most part. I've started having this issue where after about an hour of driving it will start saying "User Mark Logged" then "Delete All User Mark" and it will go back and forth doing those things until it freezes up...
  19. B

    new to community, based in Louisiana

    I do a lot of driving all around Louisiana and have been using a Uniden R3 for about a year now... no tickets since then. Got a steep ticket (85 in 55) on a two lane highway and vowed to never get one again, which got me interested in countermeasures. Excited to be a part of the community!
  20. Ramsjam12

    New to the form but not the game!

    Hey guys!! Hope you all are doing well! I’ve owned 4 radar detectors since I was 18 and I’m so interested in all of them the range the updates the instant on the lasers radars and so much more! I currently run a max360c and a R1 also in some states a ZW5 but looking to upgrade to a ALP.