1. P


    STALKER DUAL KA RADAR On Ebay Price: $995.00
  2. ARkaband

    Radar 34.7 action in Tennessee [Uniden DFR7]

    Took a trip to Knoxville last weekend, no action in Arkansas but plenty of 34.7 hits through Tennessee.
  3. S

    Lidar 1st and 2nd hit ever with ALP.

    Got a couple videos to share. My first and second time being hit with laser after installing my first jammer last month. Running 2 Rx's + 1Tx up front and 2 Rx out back on my '19 Ford Raptor... yeah it kind of has a billboard size front end... On this cross country trip, I was running my R7...
  4. butterman

    Stalker DSR Antenna Teardown

    Found this at the local getting spot. Clearly no good for anything but teardown. I'm sure someone much smarter than me can understand what's going on here. Quick tangential question, is it possible to view the signal out of one of these with an oscilloscope? @Vortex @dbranger94 @jazzie366