redline 360c

  1. K

    Redline 360c elegant mild alert tone. *Bonus Pic for road trip set up*

    Yesterday I changed my alert tone from standard plus to mild and omg my anxiety has lowered. OMG San Antonio is a nightmare for falses. The alerts are non stop and some days I just have to unplug the thing because I will get alerted for miles or alerts hang on after an arrow flip. Oh and if I...
  2. G


    college student who travels 17 hours between home and school, now running a redline 360c
  3. Aucklandradar

    Redline 360 vs Redflex (low powered k-band)

    Hello from down under! Hope you are well! Ive been watching vortex’s reviews and comments along with reading the forum regarding the recently released Redline 360. I was wondering if there has been any low powered K band testing done on it? in New Zealand Redflex is used on rural roads and...
  4. HamSolo

    I can't make up my mind - V1Gen2 or new RL360C

    Currently I am a proud owner of the new v1 gen. 2, but as of lately that the new RL360C has won me over in terms of looks and has similar performance. Is it worth selling to get that unit, or am I better off waiting until the new launch of the most anticipated radar of the year, which is Theia...
  5. C

    RL 360c - M, what is that please?

    New to the forum, you all have a lot of knowledge and its been good to learn here. On a freeway yesterday, and twice at the same spot on an overpass (businesses below) going opposite directions to/from work, the RL360c alerted "M" what was that if anyone knows? Thank you.
  6. J

    New Firmware Update for Redline 360c

    Hi everyone, as Gail mentioned in her intro post (, I’m the Product Manager for Radar at Escort, and I’m happy to share some Redline 360c updates we’ve been working on based directly on your feedback. We’ve heard from many of you about what you liked in...