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    Hello from NZ

    Hi everyone, New member here from down south in NZ. Bought a cheap radar many years ago before GPS was a standard and it has served me well for many years but it is time for an upgrade. I have gone and ordered myself a Uniden R3 from the US (yet to arrive) and after doing a little research it...
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    Update Antitheft Uniden R3

    Hi Mithheru, I have just bought a Uniden R3, I live in NZ and would like to know the process to update the anti theft please. Thanks
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    New Member

    Hi, Just a basic introduction, I have just bought a Uniden R3 upgraded from the beltronics STI, looking forward to seeing how impressive the range is on the Uniden R3.
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    Hey there, New nz user here

    Hey everyone new user here from nz just looking into getting a new radar and hoping to get in contact with Mithheru about his dfr9 units cheers
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    Uniden r3

    Hi Mithheru . I'm buying a uniden r3 from the U.S.A and I believe you can map it to NZ . Please email me @ [email protected] if you are still available and I am definitely willing to pay you for your time . Thank yiu
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    Hi there,

    My name is Cameron, and im just trying to get my R3 to work in NZ... please help