1. Cobra Kai

    Making The Case For Cobra (DP360) 2

    Hey Everyone! Sorry I haven't been around as much as before, but class has started again and I've been busy. I also work part-time so that leaves with even less time to browse around here, and much less post anything. In any case I've wanted to post for a while now regarding a "Part 2" to my...
  2. Cobra Kai

    Making The Case For Cobra.

    Hello my esteemed acquaintances of RDForum, Despite my title, I am not advocating for all Cobra radar detectors. I am of the opinion that their lower end detectors such as the iRad, Rad 450, and Rad 480i are junk and testing results I have seen from other members in the past backs this up...
  3. Cobra Kai

    Cobra Dual Pro 360 Review (One Month)

    Hi everyone of RdForum, I purchased my Cobra DualPro 360 exactly one month from yesterday and felt it was necessary to do a review of this radar detector. In this review I will cover everything from basic impressions to actual performance on the road. Bear in mind, I did not set out to test...
  4. sapphiresky83

    Cobra Road Scout - Initial Thoughts and Issues

    Hey all, Long time RD user but just purchased and installed a Road Scout yesterday. My reason for purchasing this unit was that I was very much interested in a dash cam and radar combo and kept coming back to the Road Scout as the most compact all-in-one unit that has decent RD functionality...
  5. HamSolo

    I am considering purchasing the Cobra Dual Pro 360, to run alongside my V-2.

    Mostly because I live in Chicago and we have a ton of pos red light/speed cameras around here. Good or bad idea ?