1. L

    Radar 34_7, C/O vs V1Gen2

    About 30 seconds heading towards each other at just over 55 mph = approx. a mile detection (1/2 mile each). I left the video running to show time after passing each other. About 17 seconds at 55 mph = about 1/4 mile each before losing signal. Course is straight but has two low hills between...
  2. L

    Radar 34.7 C/O SCHP Perched at top of I-85 on-ramp

    I had just over a minute of detection on this 34.7 signal, but then V1 has usually done well with that frequency. This video is only the last 10-15 seconds because I didn't want you to suffer through a minute of beeping (but the ramp up was really smooth). Anyway, he's on the opposite side of...
  3. ARkaband

    Radar Legit 24.04 K band save

    Sorry about the messy audio, I had the whole fam in the car listening to some high school football. Hampton, AR on US-167. Initially ignored this as a BSM false, thankfully the DFR7 gave obvious ramp-up. I usually run with K narrow in the city, but I'm super glad I remembered to turn K wide on...
  4. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 Fail, Constant Owned by Park Ranger with 35.5

    Just a week after I pull in a 3+ mile 35.5 detection, I get constant owned. Very disconcerting. What do you think went wrong? https://streamable.com/kyx12
  5. ARkaband

    Radar Beautiful 3 Mile 35.5 Detection (Uniden DFR7)

    Got this beautiful ~3 mile detection against rolling 35.5 on US-167 south of Little Rock. So much for my “mostly 34.7” comment @NorEaster18 ;) https://streamable.com/ce5fm