1. S

    X3 m40i NetRadar DSP Placement

    Need some advice for my ALP setup on my x3 m40i. Going to follow what @warz00 did with the RX and TX sensors in the kidney grills but I'm struggling to find an "easy" placement for the NetRadar DSP antenna. The obvious choice seems to be cutting a slot in bottom honeycomb trim piece so that it's...
  2. RockyMtnMike

    BMW install advice on Radenso RC M and ALP

    I'm relatively new here but all in. I've had a bad run of tickets and that ends now. You all have been awesome in educating me fast. I just put a down payment to schedule my install of a Radenso RC M with the integrated ALP. This comes with the three front laser sensors (no Tx). While I may...
  3. beaker

    RC-M and six head ALP install in a BMW M4

    EDIT: Testing has been done - results on next page. This is going to be somewhere between a 'Show Off Your Install' and a DIY for installing a Radenso RC-M and six head ALP in a 2017 BMW M4. I thought it might be helpful for anyone debating whether or not to do the install themselves, since I...
  4. Arcome

    ALP with TX - BMW install - Front and Rear JTG against the Dragon

    Team, I had the pleasure of testing my setup with Andrew yesterday against the TruSpeed S and DragonEye. He was not able to get a single punch through on my front or rear. I figured it was worth sharing the sensor locations for those of you wondering about good placement on a BMW. At first I...