1. J

    2019 Dodge Challenger 392 Scat Pack

    Just got the ALP system the other day and looking for opinions on the locations I am most likely going to mount sensors at; Yellow ones are regular sensors will be mounted in the grille and the red one is the TX sensor which I am planning to hang off the edge so it is not receeded backward as...
  2. G

    TMG install on a GT350

    Im looking to get a set of TMG laser defenders for front/rear on my ‘17 GT350 would 3 each be able to reliably defeat Dragoneyes - used heavily where I drive. Would it help at all to have 4? Any thoughts on placement and how hard it would be to install on my own? Would save ~$600 over an ALP...
  3. R

    RX head

    Hey everyone I have no idea if this could be done if it’s effective ect. What if you plugged in 2 rx heads on an ZW5 system since the heads are more powerful then the escort heads just curious. What if you plugged in 3 escort heads for the front? Has anybody tested it? Or what about an RX...
  4. Chrismx

    MX-5 ALP Dual

    Musicar Northwest did a fabulous job custom installing an ALP dual system on my MX-5. I am hoping they will send me some pictures of the install process, meanwhile, here is my cabin layout and a shot of the head placement. I did have to give up my craven speed platypus license plate mount as...
  5. U

    Volvo V40 placement

    Dear all, Hope you are doing well in this strange/bizar Covid-19 situation. I'm planning to install the ALP in my car, 1 sensor, front. It's a small car. Which place do you suggest? I already marked A and B but perhaps you say.... Many thanks.
  6. theboogieman

    SUBARU Forester 2019 Touring - full ALP and Radar

    Hey guys, Thought I would show off some pics of the install I did on my 2019 Forester Limited. Feel free to ask me any questions if you have any. I just purchased the 3D print file from OBeerWANKenobi so I will soon be mounting the RX sensors in those once I get them printed.
  7. Ram1500

    2020 Ram 1500 Limited - Full front ALP

    Enlisted the help of a nearby certified ALP installer/shop near me to help with the install of the new ALP system, including two regular heads and one TX head up front. I chose a small cubby in the dashboard to install the HiFi controller. Since it already had a removable rubber mat, I decided...
  8. theboogieman

    2019 Subaru Forester Touring placement of ALP

    Hi everyone, What are some opinions on placements here? I just bought the 2RX 1 RX set from the local dealer. It is about 20" to the center of the license plate. Any center mounting for the TX will require some drilling of my grille it looks like. I also have these flashy bits on the side...
  9. M

    Parking sensor recommendation request (TMG / ALP / zw5)

    separate thread as instructed I need a rec on a “parking sensor” for front only (budget constraint) and I’m stuck between TMG with VPR head or ALP dual with Bluetooth. Have a small car, VW golf. will be DIYing so I like the ease of install on the TMG, less components, less wiring. But alp is...
  10. InDecay

    Would You Buy TMG Again?

    After having owned a TMG system and seeing the testing results, VPR prices, and updates that have rolled out, would you buy TMG again if starting over? I'm curious if those who've invested into the system (like myself) would do so all over again. I won't vote on the poll until I see some other...
  11. S

    X3 m40i NetRadar DSP Placement

    Need some advice for my ALP setup on my x3 m40i. Going to follow what @warz00 did with the RX and TX sensors in the kidney grills but I'm struggling to find an "easy" placement for the NetRadar DSP antenna. The obvious choice seems to be cutting a slot in bottom honeycomb trim piece so that it's...
  12. travelman

    ALP: To key or not to key? (And privacy vs. Anti-theft mode)

    Good Afternoon All, I'm thinking of enabling privacy mode and creating a key. I have not put any thought into the anti-theft mode. IMHO I feel that should be more of a deterrent vs. after the fact. I'm not placing any signs in the car that says - not worth stealing... you must have a...
  13. S

    Lidar ALP vs M(ichigan)SP for the first time.

    Got "hit" by an MSP for the first time since installing the ALP a few months ago. Cracks me up that he left his Ka on (not that it gave me much warning). Uniden R7 didn't alert to the laser (no big surprise and not concerned). Not sure if he was tagged on Waze as my wife and I were both on the...
  14. LuckyXII

    Toronto Lidar testing

    Hi guys new member here. I just recently installed an ALP system on my IS350 and was wondering where I can get it tested in the Toronto area to ensure optimal mounting locations. Thanks advance
  15. D


    We recently did a 2018 Audi RS7 install complete install and test. I did not see the full install as I was away, but I saw the finished product and we tested it with our nemesis the Dragon eye compact laser gun. Our Customers in Edmonton, Alberta. The radar-laser capital of North America so he...
  16. S

    Lidar 1st and 2nd hit ever with ALP.

    Got a couple videos to share. My first and second time being hit with laser after installing my first jammer last month. Running 2 Rx's + 1Tx up front and 2 Rx out back on my '19 Ford Raptor... yeah it kind of has a billboard size front end... On this cross country trip, I was running my R7...
  17. P

    Latest ALP update- issues

    Hello, I just did installed the latest up via Bluetooth. Now when I start the car, my hi-fi alerts me to restore defaults and check sensors. When my phone connects, and gps signal is connected, all seems to be fine. I did re-download my setting, as it seemed my LED was flashing instead of solid...
  18. B

    2018 Ram 1500 installation with AL Priority 6 sensors

    Fresh install with TX sensors. Seems to work like a charm...
  19. Partybot

    Cadillac CTS-V -ALP install

    I self installed an ALP system in my CTS-V wagon. 3Rx sensors up front. 2rx and 1tx head in the back. With a relatively wide layout and big headlights and tail lights, this gets good coverage. I tested JTG/JFG with stalker XLRr, dragon eye compact and standard dragon eye. A relatively big...
  20. IPA

    2014 Camaro TX Placement

    Hello all, I just purchased a couple of TX heads to upgrade my system. I've posted my placement before, but I wanted to get some advice on this new setup going forward. Here is my current placement: The lowest RX on the front is 15" from ground. The backup camera is 8" from both heads. For...