1. L

    Radar 34_7, C/O vs V1Gen2

    About 30 seconds heading towards each other at just over 55 mph = approx. a mile detection (1/2 mile each). I left the video running to show time after passing each other. About 17 seconds at 55 mph = about 1/4 mile each before losing signal. Course is straight but has two low hills between...
  2. Dave G

    34.7 vs DFR9 2 SCHP Moto LEO's

    This is not a save by any means but a very nice detection for 34.7 considering the curvature of the roadway. From the first alert to the radar running LEO 3,069' I still am very pleased with the performance of my DFR9.
  3. L

    Radar 34.7 C/O SCHP Perched at top of I-85 on-ramp

    I had just over a minute of detection on this 34.7 signal, but then V1 has usually done well with that frequency. This video is only the last 10-15 seconds because I didn't want you to suffer through a minute of beeping (but the ramp up was really smooth). Anyway, he's on the opposite side of...
  4. Frosty the SCHP Moto LEO 1

    Frosty the SCHP Moto LEO 1

  5. Dave G

    SCHP CO 34.7 with bonus rear detection video

    From the 1st alert to the LEO 2.17 miles Bonus rear detection video. 2,667 of rear detection without a rear horn. DFR9 Hope you enjoy the video's. Comments welcomed... :)
  6. fitz4321

    Radar CHP Laser with early KA alert = Pull-over / +bonus video

    I got a KA sniff with the R7 that was pretty early considering CHP was sideways using laser. Pick up truck in the carpool lane got pulled over. If you want to hear all of the KA turn up volume, I use Auto Mute 2. Sound is crummy because sun roof is open. Second video is a bonus video of people...
  7. ARkaband

    Radar 34.7 action in Tennessee [Uniden DFR7]

    Took a trip to Knoxville last weekend, no action in Arkansas but plenty of 34.7 hits through Tennessee. https://streamable.com/8z56n
  8. ARkaband

    Radar DFR7 vs Ka 34.7 - odd ramp up?

    My past couple encounters (ASP CO Ka 34.66 - Streamable) and (AR Highway Police IO Ka 34.7 - Streamable) have had some strange ramp up going on. Wanted to get y'alls take on these latest encounters. All 34.7ish https://streamable.com/957rn
  9. ARkaband

    Radar ANCHOR DOWN! AR Highway Police I/O 34.7 Ka

    [Language warning] Almost got I/Owned by the Highway Police on I-40 today... I was just under 80 mph (+20 PSL) https://streamable.com/ummbh
  10. ARkaband

    Radar AR State Police C/O Ka 34.7 on I-430

    ASP running C/O 34.7 from a sneaky spot on I-430. First save from my 2 day old DFR7! https://streamable.com/d45o8
  11. C

    NCHP 34.7

    Two 34.7 encounters in one trip! The first one was well marked on Waze. I didn't expect two of them to be there, though! I had been following the SUV in the left lane for a while, I really thought he was going to get cooked. Guess he was within their threshold though. Interesting, it seemed...