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Thread: RDF Preferred Vendors

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    RDF Preferred Vendors

    RDF Preferred Vendors

    The following is a list of vendors which we recommend due to positive experiences our members have had with them, discounts given to forum members, helping out at meets, having great customer service and etc. This is not a list of advertisements or sponsorships; no money has exchanged hands to get on this list. Just because a vendor doesn't appear on this list doesn't mean they carry bad products or are a bad vendor. If you are or represent a vendor and you would like to be considered for this list, please visit the bottom of this post.


    RDF Member Name: BestRadarDetectors
    Discount given to members of RDF: Yes
    Products Carried: Radar Detectors (Escort, Beltronics, Cobra, Whistler, Radenso, Uniden), Laser Jammers (AntiLaser Priority, Escort, Blinder) & Accessories.

    Radenso Radar
    RDF Member Name: Hügel66
    Discount given to members of RDF: Yes
    Products Carried: Radenso Radar Detectors & Accessories

    Stinger Radar USA
    RDF Member Name: Stinger
    Discount given to members of RDF: Yes
    Products Carried: Stinger RADAR Detectors with Integrated Stinger Laser Jammers

    The Dashcam Store
    RDF Member Name: DashcamAndrew
    Discount given to members of RDF: Yes
    Products Carried: Dash cams

    Valentine One
    Discount given to members of RDF: No
    Products Carried: Valentine One Radar Detectors & Accessories

    Laser Interceptor USA
    RDF Member Name: LaserInterceptorUSA NEW USERNAME: Stinger
    Discount given to members of RDF: Yes
    Products Carried: Radar Detectors, Discounted Valentine Ones, Laser Jammers, Passive Countermeasures & Accessories


    To become an RDF Preferred Vendor, you must pass a vote held by the RDF leadership on whether you should be granted "preferred" status or not.

    If you wish to apply for "preferred" status, please send a mod or admin a private message. Only vendors or vendor representatives should contact us regarding this - don't PM us with suggestions on who we should add.

    It takes a special kind of vendor to deal with us and this crazy hobby; it's not easy to provide really good customer service but that's what we are looking for.

    What we don't want is just a big list of vendors. We want the vendors who support the community and are long time members/contributors that we all can trust to provide exceptional customer service. This is what the "preferred" vendor list should and will consist of.
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