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    Genevo Pro/assist results

    So I just installed my Genevo Pro HDM+ behind my bumper behind non metallic paint plastic grill type of area, its big grill so the detector is behind flat surface. I met first police and it gave me 7 seconds to slow down at 100kmh speed (maybe 500-700m). The antenna is installed pointing...
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    Guestion about installing Genevo Pro / Radenso RCM

    Which spot should I install my antenna taking in consideration that RD's are illegal and need to be hidden? Also does cops run spectre on full sensitivity? Seems like the RD is undetectable except if cop runs spectre full sensitivity. Does spectre give cops lots of false alarms from new cars...
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    Is Genevo pro worth it?

    Im looking to buy hidden radar detector mostly used in Finland but also for central europe. Genevo pro is currently for sale at 1350€ is it worth it? Whats the performance vs Genevo max for example. How hidden is it vs spectre? So i need good performance vs Ka band, multaradar and gatso?
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    Looking for some dope info about rds.