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    Let's Face It: Highway Radar is the future and it's time to step away from obnoxious 1980s radar detectors

    Okay so this might be a bit of a polarizing opinion but hear me out. I love what @ferius has done to develop the Highway Radar app along with how passionate @ferius is about feedback and improving the app. I’m also greatly appreciative of all the work @Vortex is doing to research all the radar...
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    So grateful for @ferius! Could you please color code alert bubbles?

    First of all I want to express my gratitude to @ferius for such an incredible job with the Highway Radar App! HIghway Radar is basically the radar app of my dreams and I'm really picky about features and the UI. I drive a Tesla Model S and as much as I love the car, there is no Android Auto...
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    New Highway Radar User

    Hi! I'm a new Highway Radar user and look forward to taking part in the discussions. Very grateful to @ferius for building such a wonderful app.