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    RD lenses tinted??

    Hey guys. This may be a dumb question but I searched numerous threads and couldn't find any info on this... Why are all front lenses on RD's tinted dark? Is it to eliminate falses to the laser eye or something else? Just curious.
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    Pro M voice issue normal?

    I'm just curious...I don't normally run voice on with my detectors but I turned it on today on the Pro M and noticed that when I receive an alert on K or Ka band, it will only notify me and say" Ka band 34 point 7". Any other alert it will only say "K band" or "Ka band" and not the frequency. Is...
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    NEW Radenso PRO M owner..

    Hi guys. I just received my new Radenso Pro yesterday. I have had radar detectors since I first got my license in 1985. .My first was Bell Micro Eye. Anyone here remember those? Anyway, I had a Bell STI driver, then went to the Redline. My Redline about a week ago gave me the ole SERVICE...
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    New member here, not new to detectors..

    Hello everyone. I've been watching this forum for awhile and decided to join. I have been a professional truck driver for 22 years so I'm not new to speed enforcement and radar detection. I may be able to chime on valuable info form time to time, but I don't know it all.. :-)