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    ALP Install on Pontiac G6

    Alright guys so I'm going to upgrade my LI with an ALP system 2 RX, 1 TX in the front and 2 RX in the rear. When I installed my LI ages ago, I put all 4 heads in the front. I've got pictures here with the orange circles which is where I had the LI on the front. This has seemed to work very well...
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    Anyone have Escort Permanent Windshield Mount For the 360c?

    I've been looking around trying to find one of the 3m mounts that you often can pick up on ebay (or anywhere) for the magnet mount on the 360c but I'm coming up empty. I saw a post from Vortex some time ago about how to make one of your own. Is this our only option at this point other than using...
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    Dragon Eye in Colorado

    I've recently noticed some posts suggesting there is DragonEye in Colorado, however I've never seen it ( that I'm aware of ) and I personally wasn't worried about it until recently. Is there anyone who can confirm they've seen it? I saw Colorado listed on a splash screen of a Vortex video from...
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    What wifi hotspots are people using for their dash cam

    Title says it all, I'm looking to install a hotspot primarily for the U1000 dashcam to use when I'm not in the vehicle to send real time alerts if something is going on. I searched around a bit but couldn't really decide/understand what the best solution for this is. I'd like the Nighthawk...
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    What do police use in Brazil?

    I’m going to be traveling to Brazil for a week and I’m trying to figure out the best countermeasures I can use for my trip. From the bit of searching I’ve seen it looks like there’s a lot of fixed locations (some of which are radar and some of which are not). I also saw briefly that maybe...
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    New Hampton Roads, VA User

    Long time lurker, registered some time ago actually. Just finally decided to post. I'm on other radar detector forums. Finally decided it's time to get a little more involved in rdf forum. Looking forward to all the great info on here. -Jesse