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    [POLL] How many have a dedicated phone vs regular phone for apps?

    Pardon me if I've missed something, but how does one run Waze and JBV1 at the same time on the same phone? I don't pull out of the driveway without turning on Waze and glance at it constantly. Must one turn on JB every time the car is started and app turned on? Any other thoughts? Thanks.
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    Uniden R7 140.147.119 update? Any info or word?

    Ah, got it. No wonder why I never saw it before.
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    Uniden R7 140.147.119 update? Any info or word?

    While helping someone with a new Uniden R7 here in the US I checked firmware and noticed one I've not seen here: 140.147.119. Any word or info on this and what it does differently? Did not see it on Uniden's site. Always possible I've missed something.
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    Photo Enforcement - Redflex Vs V1gen1

    They'd look better covered in cow manure.........
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    Redflex Encounter Today

    Sensors in the road? Seriously? Big Brother on steroids. Hard pass.
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    New Upgrade Now Up

    Seemed to get stuck at level 2, 93% forever, but tapping phone screen brought me to "complete". Time will tell what it does.
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    Why I should get a Uniden R7 over a V1G2 ?

    Make sense. I prefer to keep Wave on my phone at all times. Probably could use Android auto, but the phone is just faster.
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    Setting for Uniden R3 in Westchester County New York

    I know people in this area. K is used in some local and sheriff's departments, especially if you venture out a bit. Don't shut it off.
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    Uniden R7 Auto Lockout Firmware V1.35

    Smoothest update so far. AND IT WORKS WITH MY MAC!! Now all I need to do is find Vortex's recommended settings for 1.35
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    MRCD false alert

    Had exactly this happen today on a highway.
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    SAVVY Worth While if not using an app?

    Still use the mechanical Savvy. No way my wife will EVER use an app for a radar detector in any car she's the primary driver for. Then again, I don't bother either. Always have Waze up and in front of me.
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    V1G2 Mid December Upgrade now available

    Just installed. It'd be nice if we got a message from Valentine an upgrade is available, but its done. Will wait to see how it goes. Was definitely noisier after the last "update". 1608405228 It would really be nice if car makers realized what they are doing and stopped polluting the airwaves.
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    Would you pay 1K plus for a Radenso that was completely immune to BSM?

    Hopefully law enfarcement won't start to use guns that copy BSM patterns. Given the revenue at issue it would not surprise me.
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    New R7 owner needs settings help

    I am NO expert, but understand it is impossible to filter out all BSM and some store alerts. Although I suggest you refer to Vortex's suggested settings, which you already seem to have many of, I do not see you set the quiet ride under a certain speed setting. You can tell it to be quiet below...
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    Updating on Mac OS Big Sur

    I hope Uniden does not ignore Mac users. No way I am buying another computer, boot camp or whatever and Windows just to update a radar detector.
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    Post update to 133: Total loss of audio

    Thanks again. I did not understand this and do not think I used it on previous updates. Re-trying will have to wait until my wife lets me use her computer this evening. We have only Macs and hers was not upgraded to the newest "Big Sur" OS. 1606780264 Thanks to Brainstorm69 a complete re-load...
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    Post update to 133: Total loss of audio

    I will try that, thank you. Don't recall if I did or did not the first time. I did a factory reset however.
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    Post update to 133: Total loss of audio

    I updated my R7 to 133, the latest firmware update a few days ago. Began to get suspicious when I heard next to nothing out of it, but then again I did not drive much over the Thanksgiving break. After passing a cop with 34.721 Ka making the screen go nuts, but no sound I reviewed all settings...
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    4.1021 Now Available

    And this is why we need a portable EMP generator! Then again, if we had one we could nullify most speed traps.
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    R7 FW 133.141.113 - New K Filter Discussion

    Thanks. The problem is with the "Big Sur" OS update. I was able to update the R7 to 1.33 using another Mac we have not yet "upgraded". I have corresponded with Vortex, who tells me he has informed Uniden. Really wish the R7 updated as easily as the new V1 we also have. What a pain in the ass...