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  1. benzr

    Dragoneye on the way up 575 and back 😱😱

    So Im heading to an Appt in Blueridge Hop up on I-575/5 with NRDSP, V1G2 n JBV1 And ALPS 2Rx and Blk Tx Center. It was 95 the whole way. Man it was hot !! Just b4 Riverstone Pkwy LEO parked in the Grass HolleySprings Sheriff not visible DRAGONEYE JTK 2secs !! Continue on to Ellijay and I/O...
  2. benzr

    An Arrest me Red Jaguar V1G2, Viofo 129, R7 and TMG's ?? What could go wrong ??

    Ok RDF FAMILY Peeps I'm branching into Florida RE Markets 'cause our RE prices in Ga have soared 😑😑. I had s VPR TMG system lying around. And not to fond of ripping out my ALP system (WW / DD), Ergo i did the obvious thing snd installed them. I figure with my V1G2 used on yje interstates and...
  3. benzr


    ALL's quiet on the Testing Front. 😳😳 We'll peeps that's about to change. Real Estate is waaaaaay overpriced in the Atlanta area, so I am branching out into Florida. Ergo, I'll be scoping out potential properties in rural and populated areas. So I will be going into many areas of Florida...
  4. benzr

    How do I handle this ... Dedicated Android Gone

    Hey guys here is the vid of my dedicated JBV1 Android getting missing. I stupidly left my android phone on the front doorstep, garage door open, and Thousands dollars of expensive Tools just inside that door too. WTF ?? During Xmas too. What a freakin' STUPID thing to do. I was removing...
  5. benzr

    Who here speaks FRENCH ?? Namely Quebec Canadian.

    Who here speaks French Canadian ?? At minimum French Canadian Read and Write. Posting with someone who "APPEARS" To be French Canadian and wants to get my Redline Original. Im not convinced I can Trust him. If he is indeed Legit It will be a pay it forward price. If not Legit then Security...
  6. benzr

    My FIRST TRIP WITH V1G2 ...... WOW !!! KBand too !!

    Ok Peeps I know EVERYONE is dying to know if my NEW V1G2 is HOTT !!!! Uhhhhhh. .... :hellyeah: H3LL YEAH !!! Took a trip in the DD Jeep to NC / SC / GA Mountains. Expecting yo see KA 35.5 I/O as Usual. So I'm w the GF v1G2 (( Little L )) JBV1 is [email protected] QUIET !! ... Eerily Quiet and I'm...
  7. benzr

    If anyone is looking for RD's we have great classifieds

    All i can say is if your looking for a used HOTT RD s check our classifieds. I think theres a R7 and R3 there too. Great prices snd babied is our signature RDF trademark. 😎😎 Benzr 1602645362
  8. benzr

    Received a V1G2 disassembled - Resolved by Valentine.

    Evidently someone felt RDF rs cannot handle a teaser post. Here is the proof that VALENTINE SENT ME A NON-ASSEMBLED V1G2 Before the offending post was deleted (((2 MINUTES FLAT)) ... I intended to PRAISE VALENTINE for their MASSIVE ATTEMPTs to get our products out to us in a timely manner...
  9. benzr

    I just got a call from Valentine

    AND IT's on its waaaaay !! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽƒ OCTOBER SURPRISE !!! Woo Hoo !! She was not the First sexy woman I spoke with. MIKE hired yet ANOTHER SEXY WELL-VOICED POLITE SWEET WOMAN to his work force !! I forgot her name ... sigh. HAPPENs a lot when a chick sounds sexy I forget her name. She was...
  10. benzr

    Benzr's take on the Uniden R7 ... an ode πŸ€“

    So I am thinking time to get things back yo normal, albeit MOST of Georgia is still normal w humanity returned ... sit down restaurants, bars, gyms etc still operating ... barely. So i have an opportunity to get one of the Testing RD's I need. I WASN'T EXPECTING ANYTHING MORE THAN AN...
  11. benzr

    This is for the DIE HARD CAR Guys

    This is my Tach now. Got back from Florida trip at Highway Speeds. 1. BATT go dead over next 2 months. DEAD dead 2. TOOK OFF NEGATIVE BATT CABLE 3. Put on REPURPOSE/RECONDITION mode on Batt Charger for 2 days. ((pos cable still on Batt)) ** BATTERY IS BACK and charged 12.34 volts Charging...
  12. benzr

    I can't believe Benzr fell off the stupid fence

    Man WTH ?? Think I'm ok. I will find out in a week I think. At least that is what they tell me. Not going to the hospital as I haven't had a Health Plan in over 20 years. Heres what happened.
  13. benzr

    TOTALLY blown away by Redline 360c Ad

    Wow !! Is all I can say. If this detector is even half of what they claim then just wow !! Benzr is NO FAN OF ESCORT especially after his brand new 9500ix at 349 ?? $399 ?? From best buy PRE RDF DAYS almost cost him dearly. Sold it as a LOSS then found RDF and got a REDLINE - ORIG = BS/RDR...
  14. benzr

    [email protected] someone stole my REDLINE stew tested HOTT

    WTF ... seriously ?? I ran in to pay for my gas and evidently some [email protected] swiped it. THE SILVER LINING is that I had set it to ONLY work on SEGMENT 8 35.5 Ka per @Kennyc56 Suggestions for Monster 35.5ka RANGE with my DSP ALP Remote System. And ... FLORIDA is mainly 34.7 STALKERS !! I...
  15. benzr

    Is V1G2 shipping now ?

    Is v1g2 being dold again and sre they shipping? I am ready to get that discount trade-in price πŸ€”πŸ€“πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜Ž Benzr
  16. benzr

    TMG on Mercedes E350 Convertible

    Where is the best location for this particular car ?? Going to the internet to find a good front and REAR PIC for my install I have Two Gen2 sensors and a VPR for the front I have 2 Gen1 for the Rear. Any suggestions guys ?? Benzr
  17. benzr

    I am the PROUD OWNER of an R3 .... AGAIN !!

    So I sold my R3 anticipating the release of the new V2 and R7 etc etc. I got SUPER BUSY with my yacht project. So now that its Remo'd and sold w a hefty Commish 😜... I am focusing my attentions back to our CM's !! My NETRADAR REMOTE DSP Is the equivalent cousin to the R3 πŸ‘πŸ‘. So i...
  18. benzr

    Who won the contest for the Pro M

    So who won the giveaway ?? Not me said the wolf. I'm guessing it was a Canadian guy L0L. I know ... I know ... so wrong. Bad Benzr ... Bad Benzr .... I need a spanking [emoji12][emoji12] Ooops Wrong Forum ... [emoji56][emoji56]. L0L ... smile. Benzr Posted from my iPhone using the RDF...
  19. benzr


    Hey guys what are you're segged K Band R3 / DSP settings?? Just switched from my WW SL500 quiet RCM to my DD Jeep Net Radar DSP and [email protected] it is So [email protected] noisey with K Band Falses. Running Yellow Adv think 60% k And the BSM s are killing me. So dont be shy OFFER UP .. my RDF 'rs...
  20. benzr


    Ok i just got a call from my GF not more than 5 Minutes Ago. "OMG i just got hit with Laser " " I was going to the park and you know that short stretch we take to the park (neighborhood Highway 35mph) ((totally sure she wasnt doing that in her g37)... My detector (Pro M) screamed Lazer snd I...