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  1. BagNDrag

    V1G2 Firmware version 4.1027 Released (2021.10.18)

    I just did some quick testing on my "Firehouse Course" against 34.7xx. I did a few passes with the V1G2 and then with the R360c and they were still neck and neck as they have in been the past. Certainly more testing is required, but I'm guessing it is a small gain in sensitivity (I'll take...
  2. BagNDrag

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    Yes, the one or two times I have gotten to this view, it has been all out of whack as well. -Mark
  3. BagNDrag

    MAXCam 360C Lockouts

    1.2 -> 1.5 for me. I haven't been using the app and that is when my lockouts all disappeared. -Mark
  4. BagNDrag

    MAXCam 360C Lockouts

    Ugh... Mine have been working great. I have had all my stationary locations "locked out" as expected up until yesterday, when all of a sudden ALL of my lockouts were lost. :hmm: Some I know were the exact same frequency, so it wasn't a cause of frequency drift etc. It was working as expected...
  5. BagNDrag

    Drive Smarter App

    Took it for a drive... Speed limit data won't update while app is in the background. The app has to be in the foreground to have the detector's display update. This includes the history or "threats" list. If you select the "Dash" tab, the phone's screen will timeout and turn off. You...
  6. BagNDrag

    Drive Smarter App

    I just noticed there is a new version of the iOS drive smarter app. I have downloaded it and it has some improvements: All detector settings for the MaxCam360c can now be viewed and modified from within the app. Improved stability and better connectivity to the MaxCam360c. Additional languages...
  7. BagNDrag

    Mirror Tap vs V1 direct wire kit

    I've been using a mirror tap and it has been performing just as good as the direct power adapter. I have had NO issues with the mirror tap connection. -Mark
  8. BagNDrag

    My Redline 360c Experience

    Thanks for the info! Greatly appreciated.
  9. BagNDrag

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    I think you have nailed all the issues and work arounds. What do you think about adding to the line below something about how it will be difficult to get the detector setup for WiFi because of the app being so finicky, but keep trying as eventually it may go through. Better yet, if you use...
  10. BagNDrag

    Connecting MaxCam360c to Wi-Fi?

    It's not you at all... I've just had to bite my tongue through all of this. -Mark
  11. BagNDrag

    What would you do?

    THIS! ^^^^^^^^^^
  12. BagNDrag

    R4 on Unidens site.

    @Vortex Does the R4 utilize the space under the line that is below the band, frequency and strength? What does it show down there if they do? Hopefully it isn't wasted space?
  13. BagNDrag

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    It has been REALLY good for me... I want to see some K band quick shots to see if the reactivity is worse, equal to, or better than the Redline360c. -Mark
  14. BagNDrag

    MAXCam 360C Lockouts

    @DJFroggy - Is the camera part working as expected i.e. the video recordings are saving to the SD card etc.? -Mark
  15. BagNDrag

    MAXCam 360C Lockouts

    Sorry to hear that! My MaxCam360c has worked great with both auto lockouts and manual lockouts. Does it go through the manual lockout process on screen when you try to do it? "Mute -> Lockout this signal? - > signal locked" or what does it do? BTW - I'm running version 1.5 (shows 1.4) of the...
  16. BagNDrag

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    I've used my MaxCam with a mirror tap and cig adapter with no issues so far. -Mark
  17. BagNDrag

    Max Cam 360c

    Just re-reading through Escort's forum. It looks like the 1.4 we upgraded to is really 1.5. They have an issue where the version number is not updated, but the firmware files are all 1.5. -Mark
  18. BagNDrag

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    I don't know, but I'm guessing it is the same or worse than the R360c. Maybe the same because it has the same chipsets as the R360c? It is SUPER quiet on BSMs, so I am REALLY curious as to how it does on K band reactivity... -Mark
  19. BagNDrag

    Escort MaxCam 360c vs. the competition on 33.8, 34.7, & 35.5

    Thanks @Vortex @ferius ! Great testing as always!
  20. BagNDrag

    MAXcam 360c - Reveal the road ahead

    @JSherbondy - You mentioned the 1.5 firmware in your OP. Any updates on availability? Thanks, -Mark