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  1. 6thgear

    Viofo A119 v3 - what’s this film used for?

    For Christmas I received an updated dashcam. As the title reads, I was uncertain what the purpose of this film is... I do not recall this film being included with my older A119. The owners manual doesn’t seem to make any mention of it as well.
  2. 6thgear

    Viofo mounts / GPS base compatibility? “119 model line”

    Was considering upgrading my dash cam from the 119A Pro, to the V3, as I understand the 60fps is a noticeable improvement. Are the GPS bases interchangeable? Under accessories on Viofos webpage they list have two different listing (didn’t see a model #), but they appear very similar. Anyone...
  3. 6thgear

    Hardwiring TMG Question

    I am looking to transition from the cigarette lighter/barrel plug to the included hardwire kit with the PIN. I am not finding any documentation regarding polarity and what wire is negative/positive. Sorry if this has been addressed already (I tried the search function). Can I assume the cored...
  4. 6thgear

    R3 Bogey Tone: K Band?

    I know the R3 now has a bogey tone when picking up an additional KA signal while already alerting to a KA signal. Does the same hold true to K Band? A concern/encounter I recently had made me ponder this. I was following a late model Honda Accord and the R3 was alerting to 24.2xx. I...
  5. 6thgear

    SmartCord - RJ12 Plug

    Not certain if anyone else has had to replace the plug/terminal on their SmartCord. The release clip that provides tension broke off of my smart cord. I purchased the following MonoPrice 6P6C RJ12 Plug, however this plug is shorter than the Escort, and the pins do not align when I try to...
  6. 6thgear

    Lamin-X or similiar protective film on sensor heads?

    I was wondering if installing a clear headlamp film (like Lamin-X), over the parking sensor heads would have any adverse impact to performance? My thought is similiar to the concept behind the TMG’s replaceable lens covers. The Lamin-X film would absorb the majority of the road debris and...
  7. 6thgear

    Mirror Tap: RD & Dash Cam

    Note to Mods: Please feel free to move, if this should be in the install section. Just wanted to share what arrived in the mail today. I’ve previously used a rear view mirror power tap from Safe-N-Sound, and then had my dash cam wiring run up the A pillar, and hidden by the headliner...
  8. 6thgear

    Redline EX & R3 vs Stationary 33.8

    Yesterday during my lunch break, I encountered a traffic message trailer that was apparently sampling traffic velocity with a 33.8ish signal (it tended to drift while I was completing my runs). I completed 3 passes (all that time permitted): First pass was Redline EX, FW 1.3 - Segmented...
  9. 6thgear

    R3 Mute Memory Functionality / Clarification Question

    Was reading up on the FW 1.36 updates, and came across the following: I’m not a R3 user, and like learning about the different features between RDs and manufacturers. What I am trying to understand is how does this feature work? From my initial research on the R3, it offered I believe 200...
  10. 6thgear

    Benefits of LNA?

    Just reading through different threads, and have seem some references to “LNA”. I can’t determine what this stands for (did not find it in the achronymn posting, and via search I just found additional references). I was hoping someone could provide what LNA stands for and its benefits. Thanks!
  11. 6thgear

    Dector Tools Pro - questions...

    So, I’ve picked up an Redline EX, and understand the only way to update it is via DT Pro. (Not really sure why its called “Pro”, when there is absolutely a huge loss of functionality when compared to DT). My questions are: 1) Is anyone aware of how to “back-up” their marked locations? 2) How...
  12. 6thgear

    R3: GPS Database

    Was looking to understand what data points Unidens GPS database contains. Is it limited to red light cameras and speed cameras? I was specifically looking for identification of known speed traps/aircraft enforcement. Additionally can you toggle what alerts you receive? For example, I am...
  13. 6thgear

    Question for those who have used a M360 and R1/R3

    Hello all, I noticed some users have multiple RDs listed in their sigs. I am trying to understand from multiple users who have owned a M360 and a R1/R3 and determine why they favor one over the other. Lets remove price from this discussion and focus on the benefits/feature set of the different...
  14. 6thgear

    Escort user in Central FL

    Howdy, long time Escort user here in Central FL. Currently run a 9500ix in expert mode and following Vortex, Westward, and the TX crew and others trying to determine if the Max360 or R3 will be my next RD. 9500ix's falses from BSM are driving me crazy when cruising on highways! This...