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  1. Yippeekyaa

    V1G2 Firmware version 4.1027 Released (2021.10.18)

    What a great idea! Wifi download and update later via Bluetooth and protection in case of a failure. Imagine if all rd manufacturers used a similar method? Coughescortcough..
  2. Yippeekyaa

    152mph in a 55

    Considering this was in Virginia, the money fines alone will be enormous. People have had to do jail time for 25 over reckless charges there.
  3. Yippeekyaa

    Low Windshield Mount

    With a good mount, setting that up is super easy. In my case the 3d printed obeer mount with its ball in socket system was a major improvement in my car with its near flat windshield angle. The valentine suction cup mount just didnt allow enough movement. Read here for more info...
  4. Yippeekyaa

    How helpful are dash cams.

    Dash camera footage saved me Friday. without the footage it would have been my word against theirs and i most likely would have lost. The other party lied verbally and in their written statement. The footage proved them to be lying and they were deemed at fault and received a citation...
  5. Yippeekyaa

    Money can't buy you driving skills....

    Reminds me of Paul Newman and his passion for racing. He had a bunch of old datsun 210’s that he and the movie crew would take to the tracks and have fun in. Someone asked him why he didn't get cars more suited to the track. His reply was “learn to drive a slow car fast before you learn to...
  6. Yippeekyaa

    Maxcam 360 Impressions and Issues

    Sadly, this seems to be the norm for many companies of late. Send out a product without doing a complete beta test and wait for the consumers to find and report the problems. Considering the premium price escort is placing on their new products, that process seems like a shady deal to me.
  7. Yippeekyaa

    What are the most blatantly revenue-generating speed limits you have encountered?

    Years ago in Tennessee there was a section of interstate 40 near the Bristol race track that had a 45mph limit. There were no warning signs indicating reduced speed ahead. Every race weekend the local leos sat at the sign writing tickets. There was massive push back as the road was engineered...
  8. Yippeekyaa

    Are we ever going to see Theia? (chip shortage getting worse)
  9. Yippeekyaa

    Defusing Road Rage Situations with Your Dashcam

    Would an obvious sticker stating “dash camera equipped” help as a deterrent?
  10. Yippeekyaa

    Is it the M2 or is it me?

    To answer the question in your title, its not you. History has repeated itself with another overpriced and underwhelming product from Escort. It also repeated itself with a failures at initial launch. Its clear they do not perform basic beta testing of their own products. There are much better...
  11. Yippeekyaa

    Anchorage warning about unreliable LIDAR and The Radar Shop

    The question about dui tickets issued due to a speeding stop intrigues me. Get stopped for speeding, get a dui from the stop, the radar equipment is deemed illegal due to certification issues, does that make the dui inadmissible?
  12. Yippeekyaa

    Police using laser/LiDAR in Virginia?

    I frequently drive through Virginia and like you simply do not have the budget for a a laser jammer system. In lieu of jammers i utilize a driving strategy that has left me ticket free after many thousands of miles in Virginia. 1. Get a top tier rd that can’t be detected by the Virginia Leos...
  13. Yippeekyaa

    Valentine One not answering phones or emails

    You came here asking us for advice. Based on your singular experience Valentine is “poorly managed” and any further advice given has now become “polluted internet”? None of us here work for Valentine, we are just enthusiasts sharing our personal experiences. Maybe the rdf members and the...
  14. Yippeekyaa

    Just an idea for a new JB1 forum sticky

    Don’t apologize, it’s a great idea actually. Just not sure how it could be implemented here in a user friendly format other than posting in the regional areas of this forum.
  15. Yippeekyaa

    Valentine One not answering phones or emails

    Just had a holiday last week, maybe they are on vacation? Is their online ordering system broken?
  16. Yippeekyaa

    Just an idea for a new JB1 forum sticky

    Yes but you have to manually set up those profiles. No x band ever for me, the noise is just not worth it. I treat ohio the same as Virginia and just dont run more than 10 over.
  17. Yippeekyaa

    Just an idea for a new JB1 forum sticky

    I run similar setup but with the addition of a ka and laser only option. Spend much time on the interstates and found k band used so infrequently i just turn it off during daylight hours with a few exceptions. Ohio, Pennsylvania and NJ. Leaving today for a trip to iowa city from NC and back...
  18. Yippeekyaa

    [POLL] How many have a dedicated phone vs regular phone for apps?

    my daily is an iphone. Have a dedicated cheap droid phone that stays in the car. No sim card in that phone and just connect it to my iphone. Dual cd slot mag mount where both phones live while driving. Nothing automated and it takes me less than 15 seconds to get it connected and all apps...
  19. Yippeekyaa

    Interstate Speeds

    something else to consider are the laws in the state you are driving in. For example Va is mandatory reckless charge at 20 over psl or over 85mph. Right now im sitting in the passenger seat as my wife is driving on i90 in Montana. Psl is 80 and she has the cruise on 88. Would never drive...
  20. Yippeekyaa

    What I need to do in Virginia

    Apologies as i misunderstood. The gen1 is not.