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    V1G1 "good enough" compared to V1G2 when running both on JBV1

    As many of you know, I struggled with upgrading one of our very much loved V1G1. It was the last version 3.8952. I ran it with JBV1 and have been super happy with it since it quieted it down quite a bit without me feeling that I sacrificed anything. Now that I've been running the V1G2 over a...
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    Auto Mute on Silent Ride not muting at 100%

    Auto muting with the Silent Ride is not muting at 100%. It's only muting at the "40% mute setting" that I have on my V1G2. If I recall correctly, when I was running the V1G1, Silent Ride would be 100% muted regardless where my "lever mute" is set at. Here is a screenshot of my setup.
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    Any more X band in the New England area?

    Are there any more X band in the New England area? I haven't run this in a while and do feel a bit unprotected. I am running JBV1 and locked it out. Has anyone still encountered X band at all that was a confirmed radar and not some false alert?
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    Feature suggestion: baseline presets or "things you've changed from out of the box"

    I love the JBV1... Having said that, anyone can easily get incredibly lost in the plethora of features contained within it. As a suggestion, maybe can we have a list of suggested "presets" for the newbies as a baseline to leapfrog into other changes that they may want to eventually do. Also...
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    Auto start with different cars

    Yes, another auto start question. However, I did do a search and did not come across an answer. So I was previously successful at running Auto Start even though I switch from car to car. I simply add the car's bluetooth and it works as expected. As soon as I get into the car, the JBV1 starts...
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    Why are V1G1's still selling high? Should I upgrade to V1G2?

    Hello Everyone, I've searched the forums for similar threads and came across a few that was close, but no cigar. I have been a V1 user since version 1 back in early 90's and have upgraded multiple times since then. All my devices are hardwired with concealed displays in 6 cars (wife and I just...
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    What do these symbols and numbers mean?

    Hey folks! I've been using JBV1 for a long while now but there's still sooo many features that I don't understand. For starters, I'd really like to know what each of these numbers starting at the upper left means. I Googled the acronyms, but I still don't know what AVM, for instance, does...
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    Hello! I'm new to the forum and I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself before I can post anything. My first radar detector was a tiny and cute K40. I don't recall the model number. I liked its simplicity and the fact that they paid for any tickets issued. I think I may have taken them up...