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  1. LaughingCrow

    Has Anyone Tried the Nokia 2.4 for JBV1

    Is anyone running JBV1 on the Nokia 2.4? Any issues? I still have time to cancel my order if this model hasn't worked satisfactory. I only plan to run JBV1 on it
  2. LaughingCrow

    Help Setting Up Crowd Sourced Alerts

    Would someone please give me a quick education on which servers to use and how to use them to setup crowdsource alerts? I have done several searches and found nothing definitive. I am ready to be embarrassed by its simplicity but right now it is eluding me.
  3. LaughingCrow

    Looking for an Android Tablet Recommendation for JBV1

    I am currently running JBV1 on a Galaxy Note 4 my youngest son had in high school. It's okay but I think a small Android tablet would work better for my setup and would love to hear the community's recommendations. I don't need a cellular connection since I run my iPhone as a hotspot.
  4. LaughingCrow

    Letter "t" Displayed at End of Power-Up Sequence

    My V1G2 displays the letter "t" at the end of the power-up sequence after which it operates normally and displays the little L. I have checked the Operator's Manual and found no mention of the "t". Has anyone had experience with this and know what it means?
  5. LaughingCrow

    Valentine Concealed Display Gen2 ETA?

    Does anyone have insider information as to a release date for V1 Concealed Display Gen2? I sent an email inquiry a month ago and never received a reply. I have a perfect place for it.
  6. LaughingCrow

    V1G2 Lasted Maybe 15 Minutes of Powered Up Time- FIXED (Powering on now)

    I finally got around to installing my new detector today. I took a quick drive through town and everything seemed fine. Got a couple of verified Ka alerts with great range then returned home. Three hours later I had to go to the grocery store which is less than a mile away, still everything...
  7. LaughingCrow


    I tried to post something useful but I am required to introduce myself first. So, hello. I'm located in East Tennessee. I run an Escort Max 360c with Escort Live enabled in my wife's Merc AMG GLA45 and a Valentine 1 Gen2 in my Merc CLA45.